Aaron Carter, Nick Carter Attend WWE Event

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Looks like Kevin Federline isn't the only talentless excuse for a musician to have mingled with wrestlers this weekend.

At the recent WWE taping, a pair of blonde brothers may not have been body-slammed inside the ring, but they still showed up and sucked like only they can.

Aaron Carter Photograph

We speak, naturally, of Aaron Carter and Nick Carter.

There's no word on whether or not Aaron asked some fan to marry him and then canceled the engagement, as he tends to do; or whether Nick made up more stories about Ashlee Simpson.

But there is visual evidence of Aaron being carried away by a seven foot tall giant named The Big Show. It's right here, in fact:

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wahh.guys,guys.ou are all pathetic!ahhahaha


tqqm ermoxoo mi vida


ps no se escribir
i love aaron


Dear Nick Carter!I went to backstreetboys concert with mine cousin and mine friend. after concert fished i cryed alot becomes of you. i loved you so many times. you never close to me in the street. i scream your name nick carter. you not har me. i am falling in love with you. I never met you before. I was 15 year old i crush on you. do you love me forever and always. i be here for you. i am waiting for you to comeing back to me. one kiss from you and so many kisses. I never have some guy like you. i pary for you to comeing back to me. i want you hold me tight. i can't lose you forever. i want you back to me. i always love you. i dream about you i am with you right now lison to your heart. i am in your heart how much i love you. you are mine man in mine dreams.i never let you go away from me never. pleas can you comeing back to me. i am good care of you. P.S. with love Alicja


ehmmm....Aaron is with Big SHow or no ....8-)


I am loving Nick Carter.I consider him to be the most beautiful not only as a singer but also as a man.I wonder how can one be so beautiful. I haven't seen all people round the world but I can't imagine anyone like him.He is also beautiful by nature.I realise everytime I read his interviews.He is a perfect person.And it's a fact.
Your big fan Ann


wooooooooooow he always look amazing lol ;)


aaron? plaese set me yours phone number.
love yours babe conniesellnow.


i love a aaron carter


hi aaron carlos carter i hope you are okay my honey by yors grilfriend connie.

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