When C-List Celebs Spit at the Media

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Wannabe punk Avril Lavigne took a break from spitting at photographers last night, but worry not, her husband, Deryck Whibley took over -- this time with possible consequences, according to the sleuths at TMZ.com.

After a night of partying at the opening of Area nightclub in Hollywood, the Sum 41 frontman quickly hocked a loogie at a cameramen, hitting him square in the glasses.

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The saliva soaked photographer quickly took action, though, looking for a cop to report the incident to. However, his effort proved to be futile, as the only policeman nearby simply told him to call the LAPD.

THE LESSON LEARNED: Apparently, being the lead singer of an awful rock band makes you better than everyone else. Spitting on someone is illegal in the U.S., something the Canadian-born duo should learn, and fast! Man, why does everything have to be so complicated! Sorry.

This event follows a two-night tirade from Avril, where she launched an oral offensive on two separate photogs, including one of TMZ's own. Classy move, a$$hole. Really bad ass, too. You're a regular Russell Crowe. $100 says the editors of T.H. Gossip could demolish this Deryck Whibley jackass in a fight. Rock star shmock star. We're coming for you Deryck! And tell your parents to learn basic spelling!


HaHaHa I never heard about this! Sounds like the photographer is a weener!!! Avril and deryck should have won a reward for that shit LOL


Ahahaha XD The boys got aim! ^_^ I can see why spitting on people would be illegal. But if what we already know of the 'media' is any indication, the dude probably more than had it coming.


avril is not a wannabe you are those f!@#*% on every ones nerves how would you like it if some-one wouldnt leave you alone


Your article is bias on the fact you don't like sum41, you are a complete idiot, photographers not leaving me alone 24/7 would get more than spit on them. They are the scum of entertainment and deserve every piece of snot filled spit they get thrown at them.

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