Wentworth Miller, Prison Broken, Looks to Future

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What's Wentworth Miller thinking in this picture? He wishes he could return to a life of art with his dad? He can't wait until he and Lincoln are home free in Mexico? How does Sucre plan on making to Las Vegas in a day?

Wentworth Miller Premier Picture

We have no idea. But The Prison Break star does always appear rather pensive. So we'll let fans of the FOX show and star make their own assumptions. Most ladies probably aren't too focused on his mind anyway ...

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wentworth miller is so cute and i love him so much,he si so beautiful,nice and he looks good
love you love you love you


same bady is prison break in eritrea that prison was very fomous aperson is afar tribs hes name yasin


you are one of the best actors i think ur fine


went, you are a genius i love u and i wonder what prisonbreak would be withoutyou.the whole of nigeria loves u.you are too much one love


Wentworth be proud of what u re they aint going to bring us down. Begin gay is our business not theirs. Keep the dream alive and keep it cool.


hi wentworth how are im a really big fan of yours i love you so much i love watching prison break your such a gentleman xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Just to let u ALL know...Went IS NOT GAY!! Its such a pity that much rumors have been carried around. Anyway, Wentworth can tell u this personally if his schedules permit him. But dont worry, ladies, ur man is straight!!!....Guess what? I'm his cousin, Stan!!!


i heard yhat he is dead and thats why prison break is halted


it is true that you are a gay?i've heard lots of rumors that you are a gay..please clarify this..thank you..love you


i love you wentworth miller , so genius,so sexy,mmm ,he is real man is fanatic ,prisiion break,is love ,crazy,please msn wentworth miller please , love you