Victoria Beckham's Boobs Require Own Area Code

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Look, we're not ones to focus on celebrity cleavage. Really, we're not. Sometimes, Elizabeth Hurley just puts it out there, begging us to make a comment. So we oblige.

Or a Jessica Simpson picture will be such a close-up of her bosom buddies that we're afraid her crazy father will beat us up if we refrain from making a comment on them.

Victoria Beckham Pregnant Pic

But we typically it's breast to leave those issues alone. (See what we did there?). In the case of Victoria Beckham, however, well, just take a look:

You win, Booby Posh Spice. At least now we know what your husband, David Beckham, practices his free kicks on. Those are more inflated than most soccer balls.

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Isha, by not doing something to yourself does not make you "fugly", But overdoing something to yourself can. You don't need implants or surgery to look beautiful because just like you said "Every single f***in human aint perfect and has their own way of being beautiful" I wish more people would have a proper think before undergoing surgery.