Today, A Review of Meredith Vieira

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It finally arrived. A week after Katie Couric debuted to mixed reviews on the CBS Evening News, her replacement greeted morning viewers on the Today show.

Yes, those who tuned their TVs to NBC yesterday before work glimpsed Meredith Vieira in the co-host chair. She seemed comfortable right away, remarking on how nice it was to be "sitting next to the cutest guy."

Meredith Vieira, Matt Lauer

Of course, President Bush's crush, Matt Lauer, returned the compliment and said he hasn't been as excited to come to work since the day after former co-host Bryant Gumbel announced he was leaving.

Vieira then bonded with another member of the team, telling Al Roker she used to have a hamster named "Al." We guess that's flattering.

Overall, it was a relaxed performance. Similar to how Paris Hilton must feel every time she's bent over in front of a guy. It's like she's been there before.


Happy New Year 2008.!


I think that she would be great in the sack!


I can't take her one more second! Seriously, I mute the tv when she's talking. She is so painfully unfunny and makes for endless awkward moments. Did you catch her coverage of the Virginia Tech tragedy? She seemed so unprepared and nervous for her interviews. And why does it seem she's always flirting with Matt? How long is her contract? I will watch The Today Show again when she's gone.


Meredith Vieira is so gross she looks 75 years old. She also dresses terrible and has ugly teeth. Katie come back we miss you. I have not watch the today show since Katie left.


Please Meredith is awful--seems so contrived, not naturally funny. Ann is not my favorite, but is so much more enjoyable to see and listen to than M.V. And, Campbell, well, she would have been perfect. I am switching to Diane Sawyer.