The Ultimate Cuteness Comparison: Shiloh vs. Suri

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We've been waiting months for this showdown.

Forget about comparing which father is hotter, Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise (although feel free to chime in on that debate, as well).

Santa Loves Suri Cruise

Or which mom is the most eniticing MILF, Angelina Jolie or Katie Holmes.

Now that Suri Cruise pictures have finally surfaced, readers need to answer the cuteness conundrum:



the obvious is the obvious!!!!!!! suri is much cute, beautiful and prettier!!!!! look at those million dalla eyes!!! seriously suri is prettier by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i dont think it is right to compare them now they are only babies almost...they are sooooo cute thought i love shilohs eyes they are sooooo gorgeous but they are both amazing little girls suri and shiloh


they are both equaly beautiful and it is bullshit for anyone to sit around and compare the beauty of babies. this is just ridiculous. you're all fucking sick.


good luck


Ahhh they're both very good-looking babies. Shiloh looks like a mix of Brad and Ange and it's very clear to say after seeing Brad and Ange that she's going to be a stunner! Suri is very cute too. In my opinion I don't think Tom Cruise is particularly good looking at all but i think that Suri looks more like Katie especially as she get's older.


Shiloh's picture is her wax figure at the wax museum. That's not fair!


Angie's daughter will most likely inherit her good looks. Suri will be pretty too. It's a roll of the dice. I'm average looking and my daughter is strikingly beautiful--so has she now changed the genes? Will my daughter's kids be cute for now on A lot of stars who are nice looking do NOT have cute kids... Brook Shield's mom and Cindy Crawford's moms were very average looking.. blessings to both babies,
Vee, Colorado


Both babies are beautiful, but sometimes two really beautiful parents can cancel eachother's beauty out. YOU never know! I think Suri is pretty and both will be pretty because for one, they will grow up with privllage and not know much stress; etc. Angelina's daughter may end up looking like brad in a bad way....and what are we doing? exploiting these babies even more??? Oh well, their parents do it.
Suri's beautiful! I just feel sorry for her with the Scientology bologna and kind of for Angie's kids too: they may feel lost in the litter when she adopts her 100th kid.
Anyhow, all kids are cute
Vee, Colorado


Suri has got captivating eyes.. But I'm sure Shiloh will grow up to be a gorgeous woman too


psh!That's like light and dark.Obviously Suri is cuter in this one, because Shiloh looks kinda gross.Suri has beautiful eyes and she is adorable in that pic =]

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