The Donald to The Carolyn: You're Fired

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Here's irony for you: Paris Hilton referring to Lindsay Lohan as "firecrotch" ... when the crotch of that hotel heiress isn't exactly ice cold.

Here's MORE irony for you: Sitting next to your boss, Donald Trump, as he earns fame and fortune by uttering the phrase "You're fired!" ... and then hearing those words aimed in your direction.


Don't believe us? Just ask Carolyn Kepcher. The co-star The Apprentice and a long-time employee of the Trump Organization, has been let go. Or, well, fired!

"Donald and I had different visions for my future role in the company," Kepcher said in a statement. "Donald has been an extraordinary boss and a great mentor over the years, and I will always be grateful."

But don't worry, reality TV junkies, this move will have no bearing on the sixth season of The Apprentice, as the show originates for the first time from Los Angeles.

Ivanka and Donald Jr. will be joining the cast. It begins airing in January.

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