The Dixie Chicks to President Bush: You're a Dumb ... Guy

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A catfight between The Dixie Chiciks and Reba McEntire? That's nothing compared with another feud with the leader of the free world.


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    the Dixie Chicks are right to say what they said any way, Reba is a bit full of herself to think that she was being insulted, she was complemented as was toby keith, who i dont like, saying that they are the most likely ones that would be one a five disc changer- stuppid Reba


    Yup Dixie chicks really screwed up their singing career by first off talking crap about bush ( witch I don't Blaine them for) but after the reba imsault, that's when I really saw them for who they were stupid jerks, you don't say anything bad about the queen on country music, simply as that.


    I dont blame them for thinking bush is a dumb f***, He is. and i am proud of the chicks for standing up and having the balls to do something that thousands of people are thinking. I am proud of all three of them. I wish john lennon were still alive. I know he would be standing right beside them saying the same things. What happened to this country? Why is it everyone pisses and moans every time someone says anything SMART?!?!?! people are dumb, and I'm glad someone famous FINALLY has the guts to make a stand. WAY TO GO GIRLS!!! (for anyone who says I'm not a proud american......go f*** yourselves. I am a very proud american and just because i dont like puss....i mean bush....doesnt mean i dont like my country.)


    What kind of "dumbf**k" kills their own career by insulting a huge percentage of her fan base, then whines about it and even does a song about how she's "not ready to make nice?" The kind who is a spoiled, immature, self-absorbed brat, that's what kind.


    "She then looks into the camera, as if addressing Bush himself, and reiterates, "You're a dumb fâ€"."

    It's hard to argue with that."

    "your a dumb f--" is less of an argument than it is childish bimbo speak, but even more disappointing and lame than that was this gem of a response: "Its hard to argue with that". Mindless.

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