The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric: Reviews Are a Mixed Bag

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Considering the fac that Katie Couric debuted on the CBS Evening News by finally exposing Suri Cruise to the world, we either give the anchor an A+ or an F-.

She answered long-term, nagging questions from The Gossip staff and its fans - but she also killed our favorite story.

Couric Pic

What did other news and celebrity fodder outlets have to say after which in metered markets emerged as the program's highest-rated broadcast since Feb. 23, 1998? Let's take a gander ...

- The New York Daily News' David Bianculli called Couric's maiden voyage "impressive," noting, "She was serious at the start, folksy at the end, and poised and professional throughout."

Interestingly, not a single one of those adjectives describes Jennifer Love Hewitt.

- "Katie was cool and confident [but] the format was uneven," one anonymous media expert said.

- Added another nameless critic: "[Couric] seemed to strike the right note at the start... but then started doing an intellectual striptease. What's up with that identity crisis?"

- The Hollywood Reporter echoed that last thought, calling the half hour "a news-flavored broadcast that consists of one or two news pieces, a few headlines and a host of soft features."

No way the publication was talking about Suri. That was a hard-hitting piece of reporting.


ted, i have to agree. it is really hard this go aounrd to find a candidate who's values i can agree with. i understand that a vote for someone is aways a vote against something you believe in, but think there would be more options, on both sides. but we have to remember that most candidates come from a different era, mindset and worldview then many of us in this generation. maybe not, but it is just an observation/opinion.what they think is important to us, on either side, may not actually be what is important to us. it's not that they are missing the mark so to speak, but maybe there are too many marks to aim for anymore. lol. i dont know.