Tara Reid Gets Boob Job!

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And the sky is blue!

And the Pope is Catholic!

Michael Lillelund and Tara Reid

And Nicole Richie is thin!

As far as shockers go, Tara Reid going under the knife doesn't exactly qualify. It is interesting to note, however, that she actually received a set of smaller breast implants, along some liposuction around her flabby stomach.

Not everyone can love their breasts as much as Janet Jackson does.

Such a procedure may not save her sagging career, however. The latest film from this awful actress, Incubus, managed to skip the Direct-to-DVD market and went straight to the Direct-to-Download industry instead.

But, hey, at least she's honest about plastic surgery. Hear that, Ashlee Simpson?


tara reid is the cutest thing ever... she dont give a crap what other people think and she just goes out and has some fun. My friends mom told me i looked like tara and that was the best thing i have ever heard someone say to me because she is awesomely HOT!!!!!!!!!!


Hollywood gals...this one is a lush!


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