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The Gossip loves Rachel Bilson. How can anyone not adore such a cutie?

But the actress may have her hands full these days ... of hot man love! Everyone knows that Bilson and co-star Adam Brody have been an item for almost as long as their OC characters - Seth and Summer - have been dating.

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson

They seem awfully happy. But can anyone woman resist the innocent charm of Zach Braff? Having starred alongside Bilson in the recent release, The Last Kiss, Braff looks as comfortable as Brody with her in the images below, doesn't he?

We're not saying Rachel is wearing Zach's Scrubs (if you know what we mean!), but we're not saying she isn't, either.

If the Bilson and Brody relationship is coming to an end, however, we hope it's a more pleasant conclusion than that of The OC in this, its final season. Gosh, it's become awful.

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Over the weekend, concert goers were surprised with a treat (we guess) when Jay-Z wasn't the only rapper to take the stage at famed Royal Albert Hall in London.

Gwyneth Paltrow Topless

Joining him was the star of Shakespeare in Love and Proof, as Gwyneth Paltrow sang the chorus of "Song Cry" from the rapper's classic "Blueprint" album.

Can't say we saw that partnership coming.

"She was a bit nervous but her performance was really excellent," says 1Xtra DJ G Money, who was at the gig. And goes by that name, evidently.

Other onstage guests included Paltrow's husband, Chris Martin, Beyonce and rap star Nas. It was the first hip-hop gig to take place in the Royal Albert Hall.

"It was an historic event," said G Money. "We were in the same seats that you've seen at the Proms. It was amazing."

Know what else was amazing? Last night's episode of Laguna Beach.

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Give Elton John a microphone and he'll either make sweet music or provide you with a nice soundbite.

In terms of Whitney Houston news, the British singer provided fans with the latter.

Elton Pic

"Bobby's not good for her, and because of the addiction thing, she keeps going back. The writing was on the wall many, many years ago with that one."

We smell an Elton John/Bobby Brown feud in the works! Jello wrestling, anyone?

John, a longtime gay activist, also shared his thoughts with Access Hollywood on the speculation over the sexuality of Clay Aiken, based on a recent interview the singer gave with Diane Sawyer.

He understands that Sawyer had to ask Aiken if he is gay, John says, but he's personally not interested in the answer.

"I don't even care if Clay Aiken is gay or not," John says of the American Idol star. "It's none of my business."

Elton also discusses his own dangerous past and how it inspired him to become an AIDS activist today.

"I've dodged so many bullets," he says. "Not just because of unsafe sex, but because of the amount of drugs I did, the amount of alcohol, the amount of work I was doing. I started the Elton John AIDS Foundation because I got so lucky."

John's foundation has distributed more than $60 million to global HIV/AIDS prevention efforts since it was established in 1992.

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Some news vendors in L.A. believe members of the Church of Scientology are buying up multiple copies of Vanity Fair's October issue to make sure that the issue is a huge seller.

Philip Hovan, who owns a local newsstand near a number of Scientology-owned businesses, says he has sold three times the number of magazine -- which features the long-awaited baby Suri Cruise pictures -- he normally does.

Cruisin' For a Bruisin'?

"People have been buying five or six copies each," he says.

And so goes the desperate TomKat image rehab campaign. Have fun with your 5-6 copies, you psychos.

Meanwhile, in other Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes news, the pair are to star in a film together. Sources say Katie has been looking to re-launch her career and it seems that she and Tom will appear in a joint project.

"Tom is looking for a movie that will make the most of their chemistry," a source tells In Touch Magazine. "He's devoting himself to putting together a project that will not only make Katie a bona fide star, but will put him back in the good graces of the movie-going public."

They've got work to do. Look at Katie in this picture! Forget image rehab, get this woman into detox, ASAP. Must... cleanse... mind... with... classic Katie Holmes pic...

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Sadly, Stephen Colbert hasn't put anyone "on notice" in awhile, but maybe that's due to the barrage of phone calls he's been receiving.

On Tuesday night's edition of The Colbert Report, the host continued a recurring gag involving a "Repentance Hotline" that he had allegedly set up for Jewish people to call him on.

Rallying for America

The act was in accordance with the Jewish New Year tradition of repentance during Rosh Hashanah, an event Mel Gibson must have been lined up for.

The number Colbert urged viewers to call was 1-888-OOPS-JEW.

As a faux conservative anchor, Jon Stewart's good friend wasn't lying. You actually can dial these digits and hear the following message:

Shalom, and welcome to Stephen Colbert's atonement hotline. At the tone, please be a mench, and unburden your soul by stating how you've wronged me, Stephen Colbert ...

Inspired, The Gossip has set up a few of our own hotlines to helpour favorite celebrities. There's 1-800-I-Need-Food, in honor of Kate Bosworth.

And 1-888-Dirty-Sanchez for those in need of tips from Dustin Diamond.

Finally, don't forget about 1-800-Baby-Daddy if you think you're the father of Anna Nicole Smith's newborn.

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Six weeks after announcing her separation from Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson, Kate Hudson is ready to make the split stick.

"She is filing for divorce imminently," a friend tells Us Weekly.

One Hot Hudson

A major motivation: You, Me and Dupree co-star Owen Wilson.

"As soon as she files, it relieves a lot of the pressure of going out with Owen," says a friend of the actress, who has been getting busy with Wilson over romantic dinners, soccer games and a trip to Hawaii recently.

The actor "makes Kate laugh," says a source. "She's much more true to herself when she's with Owen."

The possibly anorexic Hudson is still in contact with Robinson about their son, Ryder, 2.

A representative for Mr. Wilson declined to offer any remarks (or Wedding Crashers quotes) regarding his client. Sad. We'd love to hear Owen's take on being a home-wrecker.

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The amazing Beyonce and her mom, Tina Knowles, posed together for a Got Milk ad recently. You can see the ad below. This photo tells us two things:

  1. It's Beyonce's world, the rest of us are just living in it
  2. Beyonce's mom? Not un-MILF-like. B, you've got many good years to come.

Beyonce Baby Bump

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Previously, we tested your Britney Spears knowledge. Most of you who took our quiz did quite well. Now, we're back with another THG Trivia Test. This time, we're focusing on the worthless but ever-present Ashlee Simpson. Give it your best shot, Gossipers.


Fake Firecrotch

1. Ashlee's single "Boyfriend" was rumored to be about which starlet, whose beau she was accused of stealing?

A. Nicole Richie
B. Lindsay Lohan
C. Paris Hilton
D. Mischa Barton

2. How did Ashlee celebrate the release of her sophomore album, I Am Me?

A. Taking a $10,000 spa day
B. Getting tattooed
C. With a low-key day with her family
D. With a live performance in Times Square

3. What does Ashlee say is her best physical attribute?

A. Legs
B. Nose
C. Breasts
D. Teeth

4. Hoofing it in a musical like Chicago is no easy task. Where did Ashlee learn to dance?

A. Julliard
B. School of American Ballet
C. High School of the Performing Arts
D. As a backup dancer for big sis Jessica Simpson

5. Where did the Simpson family ring in Ashlee's 21st birthday last October?

A. Saint-Tropez
B. Cabo San Lucas
C. Paris
D. Las Vegas

6. What did Ashlee ultimately blame her SNL lip-syncing debacle on?

A. Crazy Joe Simpson
B. Braxton Olita
C. Acid reflux
D. A computer glitch

How'd you do? We got them all correct â€" but then again, we're T.H. Gossip. And we came up with the quiz. So it's not that impressive.

Answers: 1) B; 2) B; 3) C; 4) B; 5) D; 6) C.

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There is a line between dysfunctional and meaningless.

That psycho Cami was very wrong last week when she named Kyndra and Tyler the most dysfunctional couple in Laguna. To be dysfunctional, there has to be something there, and in this case there just isn't.

Tyler's Gucci shoes (which he wore to walk on the f&*king beach) have a more meaningful relationship with the dude than does Kyndra.

For a couple whose greatest commonality is a pair of matching sunglasses, an extraneous hook-up shouldn't mean much. So, why make it the focus of an entire episode of Winter Formal happenings? It makes less sense than that cliché-saturated graduation speech made to Alex H. in Season Two, but hey, this is Laguna Beach. Why question it.

Tessa's relationship with herself, meanwhile, is more dysfunctional than the vacuous coupling of Kyndra (pictured) and Tyler. The girl said she was actually looking forward to going to Formal sans a male companion and instead with her girlfriends. [THG NOTE: Doesn't this only work when everyone else is dateless as well?]

In the end, she definitely did not have as much fun as Rocky, who screamed so hard she lost her voice (which sounded much better when gone, frankly).

Spouting melancholy ruminations of her future, Tessa insisted she would still be boyfriend-less come prom time... at least until the producers can work their magic and concoct some miraculous, puzzling union -- Lauren Conrad / Jason Wahler style.

Aside from the Cameron-Kyndra hook-up that no one saw coming (aside from the fact that Cam hooks up with everyone in sight) and Tessa's dances, the glitzed-out Winter Formal was surprisingly dull.

Tyler's nervy sister Nikki watched Kyndra lose her morals but not her shoes as she whispered sexy somethings into Cameron's ear, which we're sure were compelling. The eavesdropper, though totally loving her $6,000 monthly shopping sprees, felt tragically torn between a friend and a brother.

Over-the-top dance inquiries seem to be a staple for Laguna Beach. Kyndra's pizza plea, Lexie's limo proposal, Rocky's oceanfront picnic and Tessa's pathetic attempts at dates are par for the course. We'll be right back on the couch next week eagerly anticipating more.

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Enough about the Dustin Diamond sex tape already!

What about the performance of his formed Saved by the Bell co-star, Mario Lopez?

Ricki Lake and Derek Hough

A.C. Slater and his Dancing with the Stars partner, Karina Smirnoff, did their best on last night's episode, despite the latter having pinched a nerve in her back only hours before the show began.

"We were kind of rushing to do the dress rehearsal and during the pull-out, a part of my rib twisted in and pinched a nerve," Karina said. "I don't even know what that means - I just know it hurt like crazy! But the doctor cracked me and said I should be fine in three to four days."

Based on this Ashlee Simpson picture, looks like she's been cracked out a few times herself.

Lopez added: "She's a trooper and so tough, but I was worried."

The dancing duo, however, did not receive the highest score of the evening. That honor went to Vivica Fox and someone named Monique Coleman.

But who cares? Let's get to the important dirt: Are Lopez and Smirnoff dating?

Mario denied rumors.

"We get along so well and we do love to make each other laugh, but truthfully, we can't entertain messing around because there's only so much time and you really need to focus," he said.

Wow. That's dedication, folks. Passing up a pretty lady to focus on your job? Patrick Dempsey should mention that concept to his alter ego on Grey's Anatomy.

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