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Times really are changing in Hollywood. But it's one thing when Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson try to make ammends with those they scorned.

It's another thing when Ashlee Simpson and Braxton Olita break up. Yes, you read that correctly.


Simpson had been saving her body for Olita, but at least she didn't waste time giving it to someone else. Jessica's younger sister turned heads on September 2 at the NYC bar, Don Hill's, when she snuggled and kissed a cute guy in the VIP section.

It wasn't Braxton, however. This was Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. Indeed, Simpson's rep then told Us Weekly that Simpson and Braxton "broke up about a week ago. They have decided to take a break."

Did Ashlee need time apart to focus on plastic surgey? Did Olita finally realize he'd be stuck staring at Jessica Simpson pictures, never getting inside the pants of the real thing, as long as he dated her sister?

We might never know, but we do know a source close to Simpson that said:"Ashlee has been telling everyone that she's over Braxton," and adds that Wentz recently dumped girlfriend Michelle Trachtenberg in order to be with Ashlee.

Good. We hadn't heard of that Trachtenberg person anyway.

For his part, Joe Simpson may be relieved: An insider says when Simpson told him she wanted to move in with Olita earlier this year, "he thought it was totally wrong, immoral and a bad decision. It caused a major rift between her and Joe."

At Don Hills' that night where, Ashlee was clearly enjoying her new company. Reports state she was seen openly straddling the Fall Out Boy bassist ... before her diet took over.

At one point, Ashlee had to excuse herself to vomit. Don't say you weren't warned, Pete.

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If this keeps up, The Gossip won't have our favorite foils to mock for much longer.

Last week, Tom Cruise actually went over to Brooke Shields' home and apologized for berating her over her use of anti-depressants last year. Guess that was a nice thing to do.

No Contest

Now Saddam Hussein Mel Gibson has gone out his way to make up for the way he treated three police officers during his arrest.

For example, Gibson sent the female officer he referred to as "sugar tits" that night a $500 bouquet with a note offering his "sincere apologies." He also invited all officers involved in the incident to the premiere of his new film, Apocalypto.

It's about ancient Mayan culture and is entirely in sub-titles. We're not sure if this is part of an apology or punishment.

A source close to the female police officer said:

"Mel has sent her the biggest bunch of flowers she's ever seen with a note. She was quite touched and I'm sure that the two arresting officers will take him up on his invitation."

This is terrible. What's next, will Britney Spears go back to being a non-pregnant sex goddess?

Will Ashlee Simpson consume a meal?

Will Matthew McConaughey put on a shirt?

The possibilities frighten us. Let's not talk about them anymore.

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First, there was Beyonce abusing an alligator.

Then, Kevin Federline causing permanent damage to the ears of mammals everywhere.

Madonna at Vanity Fair After Party

Now, the Material Girl is receiving flak for her treatment of baby pheasants.

It appears as though Madonna doesn't feel the same way about these birds as she does about orphans in Africa. The singer is being criticized for importing the little pheasants to to her country estate in advance of the start of hunting season next month.

Evidently, customers will be charged up to 10,000 pounds a day to shoot the birds on Madonna and Guy Ritchie's estate in Wiltshire. We don't care too much about bird rights ... but these two don't have enough money already?

The director of animal rights group Animal Aid, Andrew Tyler, said:

"Shame on Madonna. This is not in harmony with nature. It is the production of factory birds to provide a live shooting gallery."

A spokesperson for Madonna and Guy confirmed "the estate got 1,000 birds from France, but we won't be doing it again."

If activists really want revenge, here's what they should do: gather all the clean toilets in the world and charge an exorbitant fee for people to sit on them.

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We miss the beaches and sunshine already. But as temperatures cool down, TV heats back up with new, original episodes of shows we love ... and the first-ever examples of shows we'll soon love.

No matter which fall premiere you're most excited about, at least you're excited. Let's take a look at a few photo shoots from upcoming shows ...

Lost Season 2 Cast Photo

It's a potential Lost spoiler, fans, but Desmond will be a full-time character is season three. The actor that plays him, Henry Ian Cusick, has no clue what he'll be up to, of course. Neither do we. That's why we can't wait.

30 Rock Cast Photo

Forget starring on Saturday Night Live - what about acting on a show that sort of mocks it? Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan will be doing just that on 30 Rock this season.

Are viewers ready for another mystery filled with flashbacks? The cast of The Nine certainly hopes so.

And, no, the name doesn't refer to all the men NOT named Harry Morton that Lindsay Lohan slept with last night. But that's a good joke.

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Sort of.

But just as Jennifer Aniston worked to keep her breasts private, an artist with far too much time on his hands plans on making them public ...

  • Angelina and Brad Pic
  • Jennifer Aniston Topless

... while inserting them in a threesome with ex-husband Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!

Yes, Daniel Edwards has decided to start a bronze sculpture depicting these three celebrities in a rather intimate setting. According to reports, Jolie and Aniston aren't too pleased with this news and plan on doing everything they can to keep the sculpture from being exhibited, but Pitt doesn't seem to have a problem with it.


Edwards, of course, is the same idiot who made headlines with his sculpture of Britney Spears giving birth on a bearskin rug. Poor guy has to keep one-upping himself.

This guy really needs a hobby. Well, a new hobby.

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Today is the day, fans of The View: Rosie O'Donnell sits down with the ladies for the first time as a co-host.

But is trouble already brewing between the former Queen of Nice and Barbara Walters?

Michelle Rounds and Rosie O'Donnell

"I didn't like the blog," Walters told Newsweek, referencing an online post in which O'Donnell complained about a promotional skit for the new season.

"I saw the new view promos," O'Donnell had written on her website. "Found myself/ in the position/ I loathe the most/ powerless."

The Gossip can't say it approves of the haiku, either. It makes Rosie harder to understand than the father of Beyonce.

Walters is simply hoping O'Donnell will be a team player.

"I'm counting on Rosie's intelligence and sensitivity and humor," Babs said. "This is, after all, an entertainment show. It is based on people who like each other and are having a good time, not on people who are arguing and unhappy."

O'Donnell, in her defense, says she has no hard feelings toward former co-host Star Jones Reynolds â€" although she admits she'd refused to be a guest on The View when Reynolds was there.

The differences started, O'Donnell says, when "we had a little sort of discussion when Martha Stewart was in prison, when I questioned why it is women don't stick up for each other the way other minorities do, such as O. J. Simpson being accused of murder still had the support of the majority of the black community."

Rosie and Star didn't agree on the issue, but the former insists she played no part in the latter's firing. Meanwhile, Meredith Viera took a harsh look at her former show last week.

It all leaves us wondering: When did The View become the most controversial show on television?!? Well, until segregated Survivor premieres next week.

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Jessica Simpson has a new man (hello, John Mayer.)

Jessica Simpson has new hair (solid choice, stylish bob).

Not Fat

And as reports come in from The Daily News, Jessica Simpson has A LOT of new stuff.

After last week's MTV Video Music Awards, the singer/actress was left with numerous free items:

  • Tens of thousands of dollars' worth of jewelry
  • Clothes
  • High-tech electronic gadgets
  • A$50,000 Chrysler convertible

It was an impressive haul. Simpson's PR guru, Rob Shuter, vowed she'll donate her VMA gift bag to Operation Smile, the charity Jessica has taken a large role in."People like her don't really need these things because they already have everything," Shuter said, explaining that she's giving to the charity that provides cosmetic surgery to children with facial deformities.

Thanks, Captain Obvious. What will you tell us next, Tom Cruise is a few hammers short of a full toolbox?

Meanwhile, there are tax implications for such an abundance of free stuff.

"Just out of curiosity, how would the government find out about these gifts that everybody is getting?" Simpson was overheard asking at the VMAs.

Manhattan attorney Salvatore Strazzullo: "Each company has to file gift tax returns pertaining to everybody that received gifts, and then the IRS will compare those to the individual tax returns of the recipients."

At this, sources say, Simpson looked rather confused. Sort of like Ben Affleck being told bad movies are simply to blame for his drop in popularity.

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Justin Timberlake claims he isn't ready for marriage, but he may be thinking about it a bit. Just a tiny bit.

Appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, Timberlake did more than merely sing his hit song, "SexyBack." He commented on the lingering issue of popping the question to girlfriend, Cameron Diaz.

  • Justin Randall Timberlake
  • Vanity Fair Red Carpet

After the performance, DeGeneres brought up "the rumor that you and Cameron are engaged."

"The only reason I need to know," DeGeneres said, "(is) I need to know, should I get a bridesmaid dress now or not?"

"Know what?" Timberlake said. "Go ahead and reserve one."

As the crowd burst into cheers, DeGeneres asked when she'd get to wear it. The answer was about four years shorter than Diana Bianchi has been alive.

"The only thing is," Timberlake said, "you'll have to stay the same size for the next 15 years."

Ok. But are they at least engaged at the moment? Nope. "We're not engaged," JT replied, before joking, "She hasn't given me a ring. I've waited for her to get down on one knee and ask."

Timberlake also spoke about his 'N Sync bandmate Lance Bass, who recently came out.

"That must've been a huge thing for him," said DeGeneres, noting that Bass kept his being gay a secret for fear of jeopardizing the group's success.

Said Timberlake, "Let's all be honest. I don't think we didn't know. Lance is one of my greatest friends. I'm more happy for him than I've ever been. … He gets to live his life the way he wants to live his life."

Just don't get him started on Taylor Hicks.

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No wonder Tori Spelling has been so testy lately. Forget her dad's millions, the actress had no idea when Beverly Hills, 90210 would come out on DVD.

  • Beverly Hills 90210 DVD Launch Photo
  • Melrose Place DVD Launch Party Photo

You can finally relax, though, Tori. The only reason you're even the least bit famous will arrive in stores on November 7. We have no idea what took so long, but count The Gossip among the dozens that'll line up to purchase Beverly Hills, 90210: The Complete First Season as soon as we can.

We miss the days when Shannen Doherty wasn't so calm and collected.

Equally as exciting is the news that Melrose Place: The Complete First Season will be available on the same day. Expect numerous sick days to be called in across the country on November 8!

While the peak of Melrose Place occurred over ten years ago, Heather Locklear manages to look just as beautiful over a decade later. We're not sure if we can say the same for Daphne Zuniga.

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Stop us if you've heard this one before: Heather Mills poses nude and the photos are ogled by the public.

Well, it may be hapening again. According to reports, Mills could soon be taking time off from her loony home video to pose nude ... for a man she fired years ago.

Heather Mills Pucker Up

Geoff Baker worked as a publicist for Paul McCartney for 15 years until Heather insisted her then-husband dump him in 2004. Now, Baker has offered Heather a modelling job for the cover of a new single for a band he manages, Purplemelon.

Well aware of the criticism Mills has received for those aforementioned sex photos, Geoff said he'd be sure to bring "a touch of class" to the shoot.

It was for that reason, we surmise, that Baker didn't ask Lindsay Lohan to pose.

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