She may not be getting married any time soon, but that hasn't stopped Angelina Jolie from seeking new adventures in life.

Reports are coming in that the actress has been taking to the skies recently, signing up for flight lessons over the weekend and trying to prove that she's about more than stealing cars. That was a Gone in 60 Seconds joke.

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The amazing Kristin Cavallari, who's been (quite happily) photographed at just about every Fashion Week event she can scamper into, shrieked when a cameraman caught her downing an "adult" drink the other night.

According to our sources, Kristin Cavallari was sucking down something called a "Svedka Fem-Bot Fatale" at an after-party at the SoHo Grand's Dome when she had her picture taken. The 19-year-old immediately protested, saying, "You can't take a picture of me drinking!"

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Fans may need to get images of The Rock dominating a wrestling ring out of their heads soon.

The star of the upcoming movie, Gridiron Gang, hasn't appeared in the WWE in years. Instead, he's been starring on the big screen and taking on charitable causes.

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The Dutchess, the first solo album from Black Eyed Peas' front woman, Fergie, is climbing up the charts.

As the gains popularity on her own, the singer has advice for others inside and oustide the music industry: Beware of crystal meth.

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