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It's a terrible time for anorexic actresses and their relationships.

The public has barely had time to deal with the break up of Ashlee Simpson and Braxton Olita, when word comes out that another food-allergic celebrity has called it quits with her beau.

  • Orlando Bloom Pirates 2 Premiere Photo
  • Kate Bosworth Blonde Bombshell

This time, it's Kate Bosworth and Orlando Bloom that have ended their four-year relationship. Sources close to the pair told Entertainment Tonight that the Pirates of the Caribbean star and the 23-year-old actress have decided to go their separate ways.

Although no one could actually see Bosworth, we assume she went somewhere.

Bloom, 29, is currently on location in Southern California shooting Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End. He recently attended the Teen Choice Awards on August 20 by himself, where he accepted the surfboard award for "Choice Hottie." Jessica Biel was the female winner.

The future may contain some awkward moments for these former flames. This month, they're set to start filming Seasons of Dust, a Depression-era drama about a young woman (Bosworth) whose uncle commits suicide, forcing her to flee with a dashing thief (Bloom).

We'll keep you abreast of those happenings. In the meantime, Nicole Richie better be careful: her rumored relationship with Brody Jenner may be next to go.

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It's true, folks. As reported last night, Katie Couric presented the first-ever pictures of Suri Cruise to a national audience on the CBS Evening News.

In case you didn't tune in, however, have a look now:

Suri, Tom, Katie

In the Vanity Fair cover story, Katie Holmes talks about how "it's been heartbreaking" to see what's being said in the press about her family and her baby.

The Gossip hopes it didn't contribute to any motherly malaise. We were just curious to see the tyke. And she's adorable. Proud father, Tom Cruise, has proven that insanity really can pay off.

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Reading might come easy for Kevin Federline, but other parts of his life are complicated.

His fourth child is on the way; he'd had two wives; his rapping and acting career are just taking off. As the wife beater-wearing Yankee fan might say, sometimes you just lose control (cue awful vocals).

A Pregnant Britney Spears

At least K-Fed has a wife that understands. Rumors are swirling that Britney Spears plans to make one thing in her and her hubby's life as simple as possible:

She's going to have her second baby by C-section on Sept. 14 â€" the same day Sean Preston was born last year. Now the two slow-witted attention seekers (K-Fed and Britney, that is; we love Sean, the kid just has to learn how to dress well) don't need to remember multiple birthdays!

Thank goodness.

Britney isn't done with her baby planning (despite this baby, you know, not having been planned). Reports also state the baby will be given the name Jailynn, a mixture of the names of Britney's dad (Jamie), mom (Lynn), and little sister (Jamie Lynn).

Good. That's not confusing at all.

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When you own an ABA team, money comes pouring in. That gold mine, combined with the seemingly kind heart of Nick Lachey, led the singer to agree on a reduced sum in his just completely divorce settlement.

  • Nick Lachey, Short Hair
  • Nice Rack

While Lachey and Jessica Simpson were officially divorced months ago, the duo never signed a pre-nuptial agreement. Therefore, Nick was entitled to half of Jessica's assets (not THOSE assets), estimated at $36 million.

However, Lachey agreed to take considerably less than 50%, according to published reports.

In the property settlement, Nick will take significantly more than the $1.5 million Joe Simpson has initially tried to offer, but less than half of what he and Jessica earned during the marriage. Two sources in Nick's camp made it clear to TMZ that Lachey agreed to end the dispute because he didn't wish to hurt anyone in a contentious court battle.

That's sweet. Plus, Ashlee Simpson could really use some extra cash from her sister about now. In lieu of Braxton Olita, Ash may seek comfort in much, much more plastic surgey.

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Forget the other mysteries on Lost for a moment. What about this one:

How come so many actors from the show get arrested? Do they secretly wish to be Foxy Brown?

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Photo

This time, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (aka Mr. Eko) was brought down by the cops. He was arrested on a traffic violation in Waikiki over the weekend.

The 39-year-old actor, was stopped early Saturday for disobeying a police officer and driving without a license. He posted $500 bail, was released after spending a little more than six hours in jail and is determined make a play for Kate this season.

He is scheduled to appear in district court Sept. 26.

Akinnuoye-Agbaje is the third cast member of Lost to be arrested for traffic violations in Hawaii, where the series is shot. In December, Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros were arrested for drunk driving. Mel Gibson congratulated them. Both pleaded guilty.

And were then brutally gunned down and left for dead on the show. Gosh, we can't wait until it returns.

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The news was supposed to be that Katie Couric made her broadcasting debut on CBS Evening News tonight. But someone much younger stole the spotlight:


Katie Couric Head Shot

On her first night as anchor, Couric revealed photos of the four and a half month old Suri, daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The most myserious tyke on the planet. The Gossip's obsession for weeks. The reason we wake up and scan the blog rolls every morning.

Sorry, it's been an emotional week. First ... Suri's pop apologies ... then Mel Gibson follows suit ... then Ashlee Simpson and Braxton Olita call it quits.

We REALLY need a Jello wrestling match between Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton soon. Please, petty ladies.

Suri had not been seen in public since her birth on April 18. But this week's issue of Vanity Fair will have the world's first photos. We'll be first in line for it.

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What's Wentworth Miller thinking in this picture? He wishes he could return to a life of art with his dad? He can't wait until he and Lincoln are home free in Mexico? How does Sucre plan on making to Las Vegas in a day?

Wentworth Miller Premier Picture

We have no idea. But The Prison Break star does always appear rather pensive. So we'll let fans of the FOX show and star make their own assumptions. Most ladies probably aren't too focused on his mind anyway ...

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Not only is Diddy set to become a daddy, fans, he's set to become a daddy twice over.

In a video posted Monday on his page - yes, apparently the rap and producing mogul has a MySpace page - Diddy and fiance Kim Porter are shown standing outdoors as the words "Special Announcement" flash at the bottom of the screen.


"Hey, whassup y'all," Diddy says. "We interrupt your browsing for this emergency announcement."

He goes on to talk about a recent morning when he woke up next to Porter and noticed she looked especially big for her stage in her pregnancy. "I said, 'Baby, I think you'd better go to the doctor, 'cause you're kinda big. You look like you're ready to give birth right now,' " he says.

"So we went to the doctor, and guess what?" he continues. "Your boy Diddy is a champion ... The doctor told me and Kim, and I'm telling you right now, no press announcement, I'm just telling people in my family, that I'm having twins. It is official."

Yes! A pair of celebrity babies are on the way!

"Two more Combs. Two! World, you're in trouble now."

Careful what you wish for, Diddy. The way Maggie Gyllenhaal looks, her and Peter Sarsgaard might have a pair of tykes on the way to take yours on.

They've already got you beat on vowels in a pair of names.

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Let's see ....

Ashlee Simpson is the face body of Victoria's Secret. Of course, it's a body you can scarcely see.

On the flip side, Kate Moss is the lead model for the designer lingerie line Agent Provocateur. And in a few new, short films, you see A LOT of her body.

Kate Moss Lingerie Photo

We think the latter wins.

Whether she's coked up or defending semi-fiance, Pete Doherty, Moss still draws an audience. That's not likely to change after four shorts, entitled "Dreams of Miss X," hit the airways in the near future.

The supermodel speaks and even appears nude in one of the erotic films. Response has been so overwhelming that the first of the films, "Dream 1: Shadows," caused the company's site to crash after thousands logged on to check out the waif beauty in all her lacy splendor.

Safe to say, this is more attractive than a nude Heather Mills.

"Dream 2" will be available starting November 1 on the Agent Provocateur website. In the meantime, maybe it's not too late for Moss to get in on the fervor over who is, indeed, "The Body." Look out, Elle Macpherson!

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Gwen Stefani - who denies having skipped the VMAs due to any problem with Kelly Clarkson - certainly looked care-free during a stroll around the Big Apple over the weekend.

Then again, if Heidi Klum was by your side, you'd probably feel pretty relaxed, also. Or at least speechless.

Klum And Stefani Families Photo

In this shot, Stefani and husband, Gavin Rossdale, walk with baby Kingston alongside Klum, hubby Seal and their kids on Labor Day.

Earlier this summer, Gwen and Gavin spent a weekend with Brangelina and children. Could the couple be leading the way for of super human children to take over the planet?

We doubt it. They'll probably all just friends.

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