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How does Anna Nicole Smith mourn the sudden death of her 20-year old son? First, she sells the final pictures of him alive.

Then, she gets married. For the third time.

Playboy Bunny

While it's doubtful Smith and her longtime lawyer and confidant, Howard K. Stern, will top Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock in the multiple marriage department, the two still exchanged vows in a commitment ceremony in the Bahamas Thursday.

The ceremony was not formal and is "not legally binding," attorney Michael Scott said.

So, does that mean we can just announce that we're married to Eva Longoria and have it considered basically valid?

"It was low-key, on a boat," a source close to the couple told People magazine. "It was a simple ceremony, exchanging vows."

On Tuesday, Stern said on Larry King Live that he is the father of Smith's baby daughter, Dannielynn Hope, born Sept. 7 â€" just three days before Smith's 20-year-old son, Daniel, died while visiting his mother in the hospital.

"We love each other and it's been going on for a very long time and because of my relationship as her lawyer, we felt it was best to keep everything hidden. And we've done a pretty good job of that," said Stern.

Kind of like how Lindsay Lohan is trying to keep her dumping at the hands of Harry Morton secret.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, a private pathologist hired by the Smith family to investigate Daniel's death, told People Daniel had been killed by cardiac dysrhythmia caused by a lethal combination of methadone, Zoloft and Lexapro.

He also said on Friday that he has now ruled out any natural cause of death based on tissue samples from Daniel that he examined yesterday.

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Orlando Bloom appears to be an open fella. Ask him about movies, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, and he'll talk at length about the experiences.

But bring up Kate Bosworth and the actor goes mum. He won't comment on the couple's break-up and we wouldn't dare ask him to comment on rumors that pocket lint weighs more than his former flame.

Penelope Cruz Picture

Therefore, it's doubtful that Orlando would have much to say about recent rumors that he's dating Penelope Cruz. But we'll spread them anyway!

The stars were seen twice at club Hyde together last week, fueling speculation that Penelope is either in full Bloom or Orlando is Cruzing for some tail. Choose your pun.

On Saturday, the two danced to the oldie "Run Around Sue" at the L.A. hot spot, as Bloom kissed Cruz's hand affectionately. The same night, however, the Lords of the Rings star was also seen giving his digits to an unidentified girl, who he flirtatiously grabbed around the waist.

Something, of course, he wasn't physically able to do with Bosworth near the end of their relationship.

"They were definitely together and holding hands," a source said about the duo's Hyde trips.

That's like almost first base. But Cruz's rep insists: "They are not dating."

Sure. Whatever you say. And no man on the planet wants to kiss Jessica Alba, either.

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We'll be honest: there's a long, long list of things Jessica Alba would be be the most popular choice for - doable, hugable, snugable, drawdropable ...

But in the interest of time - and real words - we'll simply relay the most recent award this sizzling actress has garnered: Most Kissable. According to a poll taken by Colgate, Alba knocked off favorite Angelina Jolie in a survey taken to honor Oral Health Month.

Going for a Swing

No, not Oral Fixation Month; that would be the time set aside to honor the album from Shakira ... which is pretty much every month considering how catchy it is.

Anyway. Take a look at these Jessica Alba pictures and it's hard to consider this result an upset.

On the men's side, however, we didn't predict Robbie Williams taking home the top spot. The British singer held off competition from Brad Pitt, making it a round of second place finishes for both sides of Brangelina.

We surmise they'll come up with a way of comforting one another about the results, however. A hot, hot way.

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Could The Hollywood Gossip be next?

Perez Hilton, the celebrity blogger that has grown almost as famous as the spoiled stars he covers, recently received a photo spread in Who magazine.

Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Perez Hilton

In the interview, Perez talks about a reality show he has in the works (Lord, help us), along with his ongoign feud with Nicole Richie (which started when he said she had "zombie hands").

We don't begrudge this guy his right to earn a buck and enjoy his living, but we do take issue with two things:

  1. He's friends with Paris Hilton
  2. There's no news on his site! Sure, you can check out some doctored celebrity photos - but you'll rarely receive an actual scoop.

Hopefully, loyal readers, you know where to turn when you crave the latest gossip regarding Dustin Diamond sex tapes and Brangelina babies.

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Melanie McFarland of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer brings us a long-awaited updates on the Dustin Diamond sex tape:

First, allow me to clarify why I referred to Saved by the Smell (gross) as "accidental porn," a phrase some have taken issue with.

In my opinion, if a person makes a dirty video and it stays in his home under lock and key, it's a dirty video. If he makes one and it leaks out into the public, it's accidental, and it's porn.

However, after reading these highlights, excerpted from a press release courtesy of the Headline News program Showbiz Tonight, I'm not sure what the public can call the Screech sex tape... other than disgusting.

Here's what the release said:

-- The sex tape got out because Diamond and some buddies have a "monthly gathering" wherein they exchange such tapes (emphasis mine) which earn points based on "what [we're] able to accomplish" on the tapes: "We do it almost like poker. [The tape] could have been left out in anybody's home, machine, computer."

[THG NOTE: What the f*&k is wrong with these people? And is former SBTB co-star Mario Lopez, a.k.a. A.C. Slater, one of the aforementioned buddies?]

-- "The people that are involved in this group [of friends who exchange tapes] are all 'profile people.'" Diamond doesn't believe any of those people leaked the tape, but perhaps a significant other of one of them did.

-- Diamond admits the tape has "caused turmoil on the home front."

[THG NOTE: That's a shocking revelation right there]

-- "We've been doing it for a while, and we didn't think it was a problem. Apparently, it is a problem."

-- Diamond's words for that sick bastard David Hans Schmidt, the man peddling the tape (also known as the "Sultan of Sleaze"): "You're a scumbag."

-- Diamond also says he will fight this "tooth and nail" to fight the distribution of the tape, and that while Schmidt may have won "the little battles, he won't win the war -- nice try, though!"

[THG NOTE: We're pulling for Screech. Bad. Believe it. Because if the tape gets out, we are going to be forced to watch it in order to tell you about it. Because we're T.H. Gossip. And there are things we would rather look at than Dustin Diamond giving some skank the Dirty Sanchez -- one such thing would be our awesome gallery of Kristin Cavallari pictures]

-- Diamond denies the rumor that he secretly knew about the tape's release and was hoping it would boost his career. He says the tape was "private" and not meant for anybody else. It was not released with his approval and he does not condone its being out there.

-- Will Diamond eventually cash in on this tape, if offered a distribution deal? Will he never have to worry about foreclosure again? "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

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As Brangelina focuses on charitable causes, let's hope the couple doesn't lose sight of another important cause:

Their marriage -- err, their unholy, live-in relationship between hot man and woman.

Brangelina at the Oscars

What would threaten such a pretty paradise? Reports that Brad Pitt wants another child ... NOW! Rumors are circulating that Pitt wants to impregnante his girlfriend again soon.

"Brad wants another child, preferably a boy â€" but he wants a biological boy," said a Page Six source. "He is adamant and wants her to get pregnant again right away."

Angelina Jolie, on the other hand, isn't anxious to fire up her baby maker at the moment.

The actress would consider adopting once more, but is also on schedule for a hectic working year, with at least three films on tap.

Right now, the Brangelina brood conists of two adopted children, Maddox and Zahara, and one biological kid, Shiloh Nouvel.

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No, this isn't another instance of Justin Timberlake hurling insults at an American Idol contestant.

Justin Timberlake BETRAYAL!

It's simply an example of the popularity of JT, as his album, FutureSex/LoveSounds, finished atop the charts for a second consecutive week. It held off the release from Clay Aiken, during a week that saw five albums top 100,000 in sales and five debut in the Top 10.

Sales of the Timberlake disc were down nearly 70 percent from the previous week, when it opened with the biggest first-week sales by a solo artist this year. Maybe that's because Janet Jackson told all her friends to stay away from it.

Aiken trailed by 12,000 copies as A Thousand Different Ways finished with 205,000, about a third as many copies of his 2003 post-Idol debut, Measure of a Man.

Checking into the third spot on the list was Fergie with her solo debut, The Dutchess.

Country star - short-time Renée Zellweger husband - Kenny Chesney roped in the four spot with his concert disc, Live: Those Songs Again, which sold 137,000 copies.

John Mayer recorded the other 100K-plus sales week, as his Continuum moved 133,000 units at number- five. He still isn't dating Jessica Simpson, by the way.

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Shes young, she's beautiful and she sends Jim's heart aflutter on The Office.

Indeed, there are many reasons why Jenna Fischer could be considered one of Us Weekly's "Fresh 15." She was recently profiled by the magazine and we couldn't help but share some snippets from this adorable actress.

Jenna Fischer and Husband

For starters, the gal loves herself some 24.

"I love Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland). He is the ultimate alpha male. The only problem is, if you're Jack Bauer's girlfriend, there is a very good chance that you are going to get kidnapped, tortured, and used in a plot to kill millions of Americans. The good news is that Jack Bauer will rescue you and it will be hot."

No argument here. But don't be giving any ideas to Rachel Bilson; she has enough man trouble as it is.

Also, Fischer is becoming somewhat of a video vixen. Not in the realm of Karrine Steffans, of course, but Willie Wisely discovered that Jenna had a song of his up on her MySpace page and asked her to star in his music video for "Through Any Window."

Finally, The Office actress has a new movie coming out with Will Ferrell.

"They showed me the footage the second to last day of shooting and I'm glad they didn't show it to me earlier because I would have freaked out the whole time."

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The Hollywood Gossip is proud to bring you Tale of the Tape, in which we break down prospective matchups within the celebrity world that you might never have considered. Because they are pointless, and above all, not real.

Our current match-up features a pair of sisters... that's four celebs in all. You know these siblings well, and may harbor strong feelings towards them. Some of you may have even slept with one of them. Who are we to say? All we know is that when the gloves come off between the Olsen Twins and the spawn of Crazy Joe Simpson, you are gonna see some insane $h!t.

Jessica On Her Back

But enough with the hype. Here's Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen vs. Jessica and Ashlee Simpson for all the marbles. Ding, Ding!


Mary-Kate / Ashley: The fraternal twins have been forced to appear in TV and films since infancy, and are probably f*%ked in the brain for life
Jessica / Ashlee: At least they had a somewhat normal childhood before fame turned their Dad into an insane person
Edge: Simpsons


Mary-Kate / Ashley: Nothing to write home (or blogs) about
Jessica / Ashlee: Have you seen this Jessica Simpson picture? Ashlee isn't hurting in this department, either...
Edge: Simpsons


Mary-Kate / Ashley: While both have become style icons, Mary-Kate dresses more chic, while Ashley is more conventionally stylish. Both are known for wearing flip-flops, as well as accessories such as large sunglasses
Jessica / Ashlee: Whatever she wears looks hot (Jessica); Changes look too often to be recognized (Ashlee)
Edge: Simpsons


Mary-Kate / Ashley: Starred on Full House (1987-1995), along with more than a dozen movies; Youngest people ever to receive stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Jessica / Ashlee: Six studio albums and more than 16,000,000 units sold between them; Various acting roles
Edge: Olsens


Mary-Kate / Ashley: May not have ingested food since 2002
Jessica / Ashlee: Ashlee has slimmed down, but not to that degree
Edge: Olsens


Mary-Kate / Ashley: Stavros Niarchos
Jessica / Ashlee: Nick Lachey, Braxton Olita, John Mayer, Bam Margera
Edge: Simpsons


Mary-Kate / Ashley: Reported to be worth $150 million each; Named the "Most Powerful Young Women in Hollywood" by the Hollywood Reporter
Jessica / Ashlee: Very wealthy, but only making real money in the past five years or so... plus, Nick Lachey could take a lot of Jessica's dough!
Edge: Olsens


Mary-Kate / Ashley: Eating disorders, drug abuse, acting like bitches to Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan
Jessica / Ashlee: Little talent, adultery, plastic surgery accusations, bogus sex tapes, lip-synching on TV
Edge: Even


Mary-Kate / Ashley: "I want to go to culinary school because I love cooking. One day I'd love to open up a restaurant or cafe." -- Mary-Kate Olsen
Jessica / Ashlee: "Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish? I know it's tuna, but it says 'Chicken of the Sea.'" -- Jessica Simpson
Edge: Simpsons


Mary-Kate / Ashley: Stay away!
Jessica / Ashlee: Any day!
Edge: Simpsons

THE VERDICT: Sorry, Mary-Kate and Ashlee. Jessica and Ashlee have ruled this duel and straight up bitch-slapped you with a commanding 6.5-3.5 victory. Go do some drugs and throw up today's lunch to make yourselves feel better.

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Look, we're not ones to focus on celebrity cleavage. Really, we're not. Sometimes, Elizabeth Hurley just puts it out there, begging us to make a comment. So we oblige.

Or a Jessica Simpson picture will be such a close-up of her bosom buddies that we're afraid her crazy father will beat us up if we refrain from making a comment on them.

Victoria Beckham Pregnant Pic

But we typically it's breast to leave those issues alone. (See what we did there?). In the case of Victoria Beckham, however, well, just take a look:

You win, Booby Posh Spice. At least now we know what your husband, David Beckham, practices his free kicks on. Those are more inflated than most soccer balls.

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