Oprah. Is. Everywhere.

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Those without television sets that have heard of this Oprah Winfrey character, yet aren't familiar with her work, are in luck: she's coming to a radio near you!

Oprah Puts 'Em Up

Starting at 10 a.m. today, Oprah and Friends debuts as a new channel on XM Satellite Radio. However, despite the $55 million the talk show goddess is receiving to have her name on the station, she won't be making very many live appearances.

"She kind of the spiritual leader of what we're doing," said the GM, John Gehron, to The Chicago Tribune. "All these things are her vision, and she guides it."

And what does this vision entail? The broadcasts will begin with Oprah and â€" of course â€" best friend, Gayle King, doing what they do best: gabbing endlessly about what good friends they are.

It will be followed by a series of Oprah's favorite guests, including Maya Angelou, Bob Greene, Jean Chatzky, and Dr. Phil.

Winfrey recently helped good friend, Rachael Ray, debut her new talk show. The cooking icon may appear on the radio dial at some point, as well.

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