Oprah for President? Don't Count on It

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Vote for Oprah Winfrey in 2008? Not if you wish to remain on the talk show goddess' good side.

Kansas City businessman, Patrick Crowe, found this out the hard way. He's been trying to get Oprah into the White House, penning a book entitled "Oprah for President: Run, Oprah, Run."

The Big O, Goodbye

Winfrey's legal team, however, is not exactly placing ribbons across any podiums. The lawyers have referred to Crowe's 1-800 number for the cause as leading to "damage and irreparable injury" to the big O's business.

Speaking of irreparable injury, your ear drums better be careful the next time Brooke Hogan comes on the radio. Consider yourself warned.

"I'm genuinely puzzled," Crowe said. "How could [it] possibly cause damage and irreparable injury?"

The man makes a point. Would you vote for Oprah if she ran for president? What if George Clooney were her running mate?


Oye...que porqueria de noticia, te limitaste a copiar una noticia en ingles y pegarla en un traductor barato de PC..???
"El discurso de lesión irremediable, tus tímpanos tenga mejor cuidado la próxima vez que...."
Que cosa es eso, aprende ingles primero, traduce las noticias por ti mismo, y ahora si ponlas en el blog.


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