Nude Winona Ryder Hates Skin Cancer

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See, Lindsay Lohan, it IS possible to get naked for a cause that doesn't involve servicing any guy with whom you make eye contact.

Winona Ryder proves as much in a new ad campaign. The actress is through with stealing and focused on healing. In an effort to help raise awareness for skin caner, she's posed nude for t-shirts and posters in which she is covered only with the words "Protect the Skin You're In" and "Save Your Ass."

Winona Ryder Image

The ads are featured in Marc Jacobs stores, and also include shots of other celebrities, such Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, and Dita Von Teese.

We haven't heard of the last one listed there, either. She makes Karrine Steffans seem famous.


I can't believe the person who wrote the original article didn't know who Dita Von Tease was! Thats like someone saying the don't recognise the name Elvis!


Why are you so wrong?
Winona is and will make a come - back on her own terms.
The last guy to be so stupid as to fire her from his so called "great movie" is over, and on more drugs then all of us can afford!!!!
You know who I'm talkin' bout.
He is the one to suck ass and die!!!!
Winona Rocks and will live on as cool and famous as she is.
I mean... where do you go from where she is as far as fame goes???
An oscar ???? For what reason is that important anymore? signed bite me hard you idiot thank you




She needs to worry about what dangerous, and illegal stuff she is putting in herself, or upchucking out; more importantly! What a idiot..? Do we buy this naked ad is necessary? Like painting the face and saying I am a tribal person of this continent I have never visited and where would never live? She just loves exhibitionism. All these ratty stars know to do.. is to go naked. It makes them look seriously concerned, and well,... bared of any inhibitions, this body makes a lot of dough, so I speak with that authority... Does it cures all that is wrong by their particular 'strip to charity message? No.. we just notice the flaws. haha