Nicole Richie Gobbles Burger

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The lovely Nicole Richie is apparently trying to put eating disorder rumors to rest by chowing down in front of paparazzi. She doesn't stand a chance.

The celebutante was spotted out in Malibu, Calif., on Saturday with buddy Brody Jenner stuffing her face with a huge burger and sipping smoothies. This picture is kinda gross, so we apologize if you happen to lose your lunch while Nicole inhales hers.

Harlow and Mom

You're not fooling anyone, Richie. We know you vomited this back up within 45 minutes of the picture being taken! There's no masking eating disorders that obvious!

The petite heiress recently appeared on the Tyra Banks Show and revealed that she's hired a nutritionist and is trying to gain some weight. The Simple Life star expressed to Tyra how much stress the media attention on her body causes her, making it hard to gain weight.

Uh-huh. Sure thing babe. Keep on pukin'!

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You guys are assholes. So lets see. She had an eating disorder and you feel it necessary to criticize her and toss out your judgemental bullshit. Then you take a picture of her eating and run that into the dirt as well. Dont people eat sometimes? And dont people have problems? You guys are pathetic and should be ashamed of yourselves. Get over your God Complexes and stop talking smack. People dont like reading blogs where all they do is talk smack. If you notice... Your stuff never gets any comments.