Nick Carter to Paris Hilton: You Suck

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We don't care if Nick and Aaron Carter are only making headlines now to hype up their reality show, House of Carters.

We'll take any chance we can get to publish Paris Hilton bashing.

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Back in July 2004, Nick wasn't in the spotlight due to the latest hit from his group, The Backstreet Boys. Instead, accusations flew that he had abused Hilton during the couple's relationship.

Two years later, the 26-year-old singer is finally ready to talk about his rocky romance with Paris - and just as his reality show is starting. Amazing timing!

"I thought the fact that she had money and was famous meant I wouldn'have to worry about somebody using me," he says. "I thought that. Wrong. I kind of fell head over heels for this girl. And I probably shouldn't have."

As time went on, each side figured this whole monogomous thing was dated. Paris snuggled up with House of Wax co-star, Chad Michael Murray. Naturally, Nick had to snag some action himself to keep up.

We're just gonna assume, like any warm-blooded male, that he had Lindsay Lohan on speed dial for such an occasion.

Carter, of course, denies any allegations of abuse and even Hilton haters at The Gossip wouldn't advocate physically hurting this female. We'd just force her to watch a Dustin Diamond sex tape on continuous loop.



At my school threes loads of seniors doing promposals a couple people just gave the girl flowers or a eddy bear or something. It all depends on the person your asking, other people went all out, and sang songs to their date. I think it all depends on the person your asking and their personality.


Sometimes I thought that Nick has a tendency to masochism because it is not normal, it always approach them and good for nothing freeloaders .... A person can trip over (all we have done) but Nick is one after another!. Paris Hilton may be very rich heiress, and everything you want, but it has no artistic talent and threw away his reputation and image of the whole family .... At that point someone like Nick, it came in handy to repair its battered image, so it was with him for a while and when things calmed down got rid of it reverting to the usual.

Avatar are you iam isti


he's better off without her and not all women are stuck on money. If I met a rich guy, I would still like to pay my own way


Well shes a bitch, and hes just plain lame! like come on perfect couple dont ya think? She acts like she's the queen of the world..Well shes only the queen of sluts and the queen of gossip (sorry to all you parias hilton fans) BUT ITS TRUE!


I love nick and I hope that he is way over this slutty chick. I use to really like paris but the more and more I really see of her the more I hate her. She never did nothing and she should just go away. Good luck to nick and the backstreet boys as there new cd hits stores Oct, 30. I bet it is going to be good. by the way why Ashlee Simpson??? Ewww


I don't think Nick's the 1 2 blame here...bsides,im sure he never meant 4 anythin bad 2 happen.he was hurt,but he wud never get that far on paris...she just wants attention-as her usual.Nick:u deserv so much better than that n i mean it.




Carter needs to grow up what an immature player he's a skank too.

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