Meet Tom Cruise, Insane Soccer Dad

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But.... what about me!?

Those were the words uttered recently by Tom Cruise's daughter, who is apparently distressed over the attention given to her half-sister, Suri Cruise. Okay, we have no idea if Isabella said that or is even resentful. Or how old she is. But what we do know is that Tom and his train-wreck fiancee / baby's momma, Katie Holmes, checked out Isabella's soccer game in West Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon.

Tired Suri

No word on if the team won, or if topless soccer mom Pamela Anderson was the opposing coach. Or, for that matter, whether Tom Cruise's buddy David Beckham (that dick) bothered to show up, or whether Isabella's mom, Nicole Kidman (she's hot), was in attendance. Or... wait for it... whether Suri's wig blew off in the wind. Oooooooga!

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I hope to see Tom at the after-party of the premiere of Lions of lambs in Hollywood 11/1...anyone got the ticket? Tom Cruise invited me to the set of MI3..
im still working on the book about him and it;s good to see him in person again see me on E! www.MyTomCruisebook.blogspot.c... Thanks,
Niki Yan


Who thinks Nicole Kidman is HOT!!!!!!!! Anyone besides the stroked out Hef-OMG You people are blind.....I just don't get it......When Keith finally gets a good look at that bag-I hope he is GONE!


Baby toupee!

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