Last Night On Laguna Beach: Lauren Conrad, Breanna Conrad, Two-Timing and (As Always) Drama

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So having somehow missed an episode of Laguna Beach last week, T.H. Gossip was understandably thrilled when it learned that MTV replays the previous week's show before each new episode.

Lauren Conrad Topless

We're not sure what it says about us that we were so excited about watching a re-run -- or that we now know the words to the theme song (Hilary Duff's "Coming Clean"), but let's forget about being judgmental and get down to a recap of the last two weeks, shall we?

In any case, we finally got to see Laguna Beach alum Lauren Conrad counsel her little sister, Breanna Conrad (right), about the harsh realities of Laguna life. Upset that her childhood BFF, Rocky, is now totally BFF with Tessa, Breanna invites Rocky to lunch to talk about feelings. Breanna cried. On more than one occasion.

Much as we want to like this girl, she seems kinda pathetic.

Then, to make matters worse, Breanna awkwardly shunned Rocky when she tried to be the bigger person and attend a pool party at the Conrads' ridiculous house. Sigh. Breanna clearly has a long way to go, self-confidence wise, if she wants to fill the shoes of her sister (below, now starring in her own spin-off, The Hills).

Moving on to the new episode last night, Cameron and a meathead buddy decided to accompany Tessa on a road trip to San Diego. We think Tessa went down there for some sort of modeling thing. Not really sure. What we do know is that she and Cameron got. It. On.

All the while, he's supposedly dating (and openly saying he wants to dump) Jessica Smith, Kristin Cavallari's friend. From last season. Move on, girl!

Correct us if we're wrong, but most player types who two-time girls try not to get outed. This kid is doing it on television! Not that we're criticizing Cameron. We all knows that unlike chicks, dudes who sleep around aren't sluts. They're awesome!!


Girls who sleep around, if their hot are amazing


lauren i think your better than your sis but she is fine as well i guess great work


Lauren is way better than Brenna i've never been a huge fan of her, although i feel kinda bad for her she has alot of presssure to be like her older sister now 22 but i think she is doing fine bebing a senior in high school and now 18, Lauren is a great actress and i'm happy she is so sucessful both of them are very pretty


Lauren and Brenna are so different! I definelty prefer Lauren to Breanna i dont know why but i just think she much cool , and Breanna has way to much pressure to be as big as her sister but being bitchy isnt gonna help her!


Well in mi opinion, Breanna has alot of pressure to be like her sister or fit in like her older sister who everyone loves...Cameron is not even that cute to be two-timing Jessica and Tessa. Tessa is sort of fake to me and Jessica needs help "grow up take control of your life"


i love the hills and laguna beach and lauren you arte one of the prettiest girls i have ever seen


me encanta lauren y breanna conrad son lo maximo


Lauren es la mejor de laguna junto con su amiga LO, pero la verdad creo que no va hacer lo mismo con su hermana, por que se ve un poco mensa.


well I wanted to know is raquel and her boyfriend still togather sence he has gone to college


lauren y breanna son lo maximo ojala pydiera conocerlas en persona son ten lindas son regias y tambien lauren es muy sincera no es botada y eso es lo bueno ella sabe lo k tiene ojala este bien y que solo recuerde que hombres hay muchos y ojala sea pronto que encuentre el hombre de su vida bye besitos soy ivette de PERU byeeeeeee.........

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