Fergie Reveals the True Meaning Behind Her London Bridge

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We hope you're sitting down for this, readers: the new smash hit from Fergie is NOT about a bridge in London; nor does it refer to a nursery rhyme.

Evidently, "London Bridge" refers to a sexual act of some sort. Yes, Jack Nicholson would be proud of the member of The Black Eyed Peas.

Being Fergielicious

The song, which is included on her debut solo album "The Dutchess," refers to when two women and two men have sex and form a position to make a "bridge." We're having trouble picturing that, too, don't worry.

Despite writing about the racy subject, Fergie insists she has never participated in the act.

"Have I ever been involved in one? No I don't think I ever have actually. No, no I haven't," the singer said. "But I'm definitely touching on issues that aren't childlike!"

Gosh, we hope Sutton Pierce Federline isn't listening in that case.

In the chorus of the song, Fergie sings, "How come every time you come around, my London Bridge wanna go down?"

The Gossip just figured it was our natural good looks.


i always thought she was refering to her vagina (strip) between her legs as being her London bridge. Now say londy londy londy and imagine how your tongue would be moving as your saying this while between her legs (with your tongue).


oh wow, i'm waaaaay off xD
for the longest time i thought the "london bridge" was her underwear and she was singing about wanting to take them down and just do the guy whenever she saw him xD


I figured by London Bridge, she was referring to her hymen, though I don't imagine she's actually a virgin.


no thats called a spit roast


Yeah I can imagine one girl and two guys (one at the end, one at her mouth, lol) or two girls getting it from the back and making out with each other at the same time?


london bridge is actually with one girl and two guys


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