Brangelina Rallies Behind Shiloh, Zahara

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Proud parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are fed up. At world hunger and abject poverty, sure. But also at the results of our exclusive new celebrity baby POLL! Their lovely young child has not jumped out to the commanding cuteness lead many oddsmakers expected!

With all the commotion made over the Suri Cruise mystery and with a hyper-fertile Britney Spears cranking out two kids in just under a year, Brangelina is feeling all but forgotten about. And they're not gonna stand for it.

Angelina and Brad Pic

The couple took the time to submit a few pics of baby Shiloh to us, and even threw in a bonus pic of Zahara in order to further make their case. No Maddox, though -- we already talked about that little dude this week. See below:

NOTE: They didn't really send these pics, we found them on the Internets.

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I wouldn't call an innocent child ugly ! But I have to say that I expected more ! I mean, Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful woman in the world and Brad is a very good looking guy.... but shiloh is just cute, not more ! They're kids in Hollywood wich are a way cuter than shiloh ! My favorite celeb babies are Kingston Rossdale and Suri Cruise ( can't stand her parents, but she is the most beautiful Girl I've ever seen)! I thoug if a couple like brangelina had a child, it must be the most beautiful child in world, but shiloh looks like every other pretty blonde girl with amazing lips and pretty blue eyes !


Are you going to marry? Are you going to turn green like Shrek???? just kidding.


I like Shiloh teach her how to smile so does she swim yet--have her swim to a ducky; recently enjoyed seeing a 3 year old girl swim with us.


why are people saying that shiloh is n0t pretty I d0nt get it? she is s0 beautiful what is s0 ugly? wow either ur very jeloue of her or ur angry that ur child doesent look like her!!! to have the family she has W0W!!! very very very LuCkY...


:):):) I will come to hollywood soon I promise to you ... from Sakartvelo (Georgia)


:* :* 100000000 kisses for you angelina jolie and for your familly :*


One said "shiloh is ugly" it's very big plural lies. Unargument shilos is the most beautiful child in this world... I love you little baby very mach... :)


Why would you say that they sent you these pictures and then at the bottom put NOTE- they really didn't send these pictures that you got them off the internet. That just doesn't make since to me. But I think Shiloh is such a beautiful baby.


no..! shiloh is cute baby and kingston is the cutest baby in hollywood...!


what beautiful baby I what I saw her in all the magazine she is a bit ugly, ugliest baby in hollywood