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Personally, we love it when celebrities get busted. It makes us feel less bad about our own previous arrests. To all police officers in a certain small town that hosts a certain liberal arts college that will remain nameless -- we did not know you could be charged with DUI while cruising around town in a golf cart. And we're kind of sorry.

From good ol' Mel Gibson's recent drunken rampage to the famous exploits of music mogul/thug Marion "Suge" Knight and that freak Michael Jackson, there's always a celeb getting nabbed for something -- and T.H. Gossip will be hot on the trail each time.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Special thanks to TMZ and the other sources who contributed to our Celebrity Mug Shot gallery. Follow the link to view the full collection, which we assure you is still growing. Below are a couple of our personal favorites. Enjoy them. Ridicule them.


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omg, wtf happens here?!
This homepage is reticules. They judge every single celebrity and they don't even know them! Every people make mistakes, but if someone like michael jackson does it, why can't people just forgive them for it, and move over? It’s not even your life, so why care? det er til grin.
People there is writing shit like this just don't have any life at all!
I really can't see any smart idea with this thing. Writing shit about people doesn't make your self more popular! I think all the people who is involved in this thing should stand up, and think back on every mistakes they have made, write them down, and compare them self to someone who lives in the same world as everybody ells an then you'll se that your just as stupid like you says michael jackson is.

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