An Un-Pheasant Notion: Madonna to Charge for Bird Hunting

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First, there was Beyonce abusing an alligator.

Then, Kevin Federline causing permanent damage to the ears of mammals everywhere.

Madonna at Vanity Fair After Party

Now, the Material Girl is receiving flak for her treatment of baby pheasants.

It appears as though Madonna doesn't feel the same way about these birds as she does about orphans in Africa. The singer is being criticized for importing the little pheasants to to her country estate in advance of the start of hunting season next month.

Evidently, customers will be charged up to 10,000 pounds a day to shoot the birds on Madonna and Guy Ritchie's estate in Wiltshire. We don't care too much about bird rights ... but these two don't have enough money already?

The director of animal rights group Animal Aid, Andrew Tyler, said:

"Shame on Madonna. This is not in harmony with nature. It is the production of factory birds to provide a live shooting gallery."

A spokesperson for Madonna and Guy confirmed "the estate got 1,000 birds from France, but we won't be doing it again."

If activists really want revenge, here's what they should do: gather all the clean toilets in the world and charge an exorbitant fee for people to sit on them.


here in the 200 year old country of america we forget it traditions of hunting and gaming is sport, it is not illegal as far as I know.


Hello Mark Yes, I hunt pheasant whenever my work schedule allows for they are quiet tasty when browned in butter and then, cooked in the oven with mushroom; the meat just falls off the bones.
I hunt birds and big game and been successful in both facets of hunting. I know of no hunters that satify some "appettite" in causing pain, only people that would like to trample and/or supress the rights of individuals like me under the guise of preventing cruelty to animals.
We have reached a point where more deer are killed in this country by vehicles that licensed hunters...what do you precribe birth control pills or create revenue for habitat by selling a hunting license or two?
I happy to see that you have no problem in "pigeon-hole" anyone that enjoys hunting ad wearing the military uniform with cruelty to animals and humans ...there is more to life than eating granola and wearing Birkenstocks.


Mischalova Jeez, it's her money and her property. WTF have you done for the good of the world?...if some property owner wants to stock their fields with game birds which will be hunted, much like every state wildlife agency does in the US, that is their right.
It's people like you that imply Bill Gates (Microsoft) doesn't do enough for the ills of society. It is time for people of your caliber to move out of your parents' basement, read a book, and get a job.
Hell, if Madonna invited me to hunt birds, I'd be willing to cook and bring a nice bottle of Merlot to serve with the tasty pheasants.
"Ride hard, shoot straight, and tell the truth"


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