Comic Book Guy: Best. Interview. Ever.

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The Simpsons is entering its 18th season this weekend. Despite the years of consuming nothing but oozing cheese (with a side of nachos), Comic Book Guy has barley aged at all during that time. Or died of a massive heart attack.

This is great news for fans of the owner of the Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop. TV Guide recently sat down for an in-depth interview with the, well, guy that loves comic books.

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Q: Over the summer, audiences got to see two highly anticipated comic-book films in X-Men: The Last Stand and Superman Returns. Which did you prefer?
Comic Book Guy: I prefer the X-Men - I've often been mistaken for "The Blob."

Q: Numerous reviews of Superman Returns cited homoerotic undertones in the film. Did you get a sense of that?
Comic Book Guy: No, and neither did the eight guys I saw it with.

Q: If Halle Berry's Storm battled Jessica Alba's Sue Storm, who would win?
Comic Book Guy: If they were battling for my love, neither.

Q: Heath Ledger has signed on to play The Joker in the next Batman film. What are your thoughts on that casting choice?
Comic Book Guy: To me there is only one true Batman villain: King Tut. A true hero to all us full-figured fans.

Q: Currently, Joss Whedon is working on a script for a Wonder Woman film. If you could give him one piece of advice, what would it be?
Comic Book Guy: Make sure Wonder Woman (rumored to be played by American Idol's Katharine McPhee) wears a Wonderbra. Oh, baby.

Q: A few years ago, you had a torrid love affair with Principal Skinner's elderly mother, Agnes. Do you ever think back to your time together and wonder what could've been?
Comic Book Guy: It wasn't meant to be. But we did make the cover of "Fat and Feeble" magazine.

Q: The Simpsons is now in its 18th season. How do you account for the show's longevity?
Comic Book Guy: It beats me, since every week they air the Worst. Episode. Ever.

Q: You've always been referred to simply as Comic Book Guy. Does that moniker ever feel limiting?
Comic Book Guy: It lets people know what I am and what I collect. It is sufficient.

Very much like calling Kevin Federline No Talent Loser Guy.

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