WWE Fans Forced to Settle for Nick Lachey

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Anyone that watched Newlyweds saw plenty of a ripped Nick Lachey. He wore cut-off shirts, lugged furniture around, his arms gave Jessica Simpson's breasts a run for most impressive aspect of the show.

Ok, it wasn't close at all.

Nick Lachey Blue Eyes

Nevertheless, the point remains: Lachey is no Dustin Diamond. The singer works out. Stil, it wasn't his toned body that many fans in Melbourne were hoping to catch a glimpse of when the artist landed there over the weekend.

Lachey was Down Under to promote his new album, but approximately four dozen people seeking autographs didn't care about what was left of Jessica's ex. They were at the airport to see several muscle-bound WWE stars.

"He seems OK," said a fan. "But we're not here to see Nick Lachey - we really want to see the wrestlers."

We assume this guy meant Triple H, John Cena, fighters of that nature. It might not be too long, though, until Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton step into a squared circle.


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Im from london england and im a model i think nick lachay is a goodlook'n fella he has a fab body to any one who dose not agree with me must be. A sad o.


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I think this is a gay site. Not as in bad, I think you do a very nice job. But there are clear homoerotic undertones here... there's no denying that. Sure Nick is handsome but this goes beyond mere admiration. Y'all should just pull a Lance Bass and come out, it's a pretty progressive society nowadays. Well, in the NE and West Coast anyway.

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The Man is a Stud Muffin
Nick Lachey is the former husband of Jessica Simpson. He's now dating Vanessa Minnillo and appears to be a down to earth fella. We like... More »
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[on Jessica Simpson's weight gain] I can't believe it's this big of a story and people are making such a huge deal about it. I'm never ceased to be amazed by people's reactions to things.

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I wish her nothing but the best, and I hope she's happy - whatever size that comes in.

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