Wentworth Miller: An Artist Before an Inmate

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Perhaps he drew that elaborate body tattoo himself.

Newly discovered book excerpts reveal that Wentworth Miller, the star of Prison Break, had an impressive artistic run as a 19-year old English literature student at Princeton.

(Yes, ladies, he's looks like that AND he's smart. Swoon away!)

Wentworth and his father (also named Wentworth) collaborated together on the drawings shownn below, hence the authorship of "TwoWents Associates."

The book "Sewickleyness" poked fun at the Sewickley neighborhood in Pennsylvania, as well as the haughty, rich, Sewickley-ites.

"Some people found the book to be hilarious, others weren't so enthused," said Miller, who said the project was rewarding to him because it let him spend quality time with his father.

Wentworth Miller Photo

Also, take note: Prison Break: Season One comes to DVD on August 8. It then returns with its second season premiere in less than three weeks - August 21.


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