UK Terrorism Scares Prompts Beyonce Cancellation

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At least Beyonce Knowles will have more time to try and make up with her father now. Due to terrorist concerns across the Atlantic, the former child of destiny pulled out of her planned promotional trip to Great Britain later this month.

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Her label bosses didn't want her flying under such conditions.

"It's not a difficult decision to make in the light of the UK going to critical alert status," said a source. "Beyonce's been told she's not to come to the country so soon after so many trans-Atlantic flights were threatened."

Beyonce's latest single, Deja Vu, is set to premiere in Englad in late August. Therefore, the insider considered this "a blow because she needs to get as much hype going around her new single as possible."

But there was really no choice. Knowles' other half, meanwhile, should still be able to escape to Africa. Jay Z is planning a documentary about water conditions in that poor nation.


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