Tori Spelling Continues to Get Shafted By Crazy Mom

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The stakes in the Candy Spelling - Tori Spelling war just got a lot higher, with the buzz that Candy has unloaded her 56,000 square-foot Holmby Hills mansion for a cool $130 million, selling to an Arab prince.

The cash flow would likely fan the flames in the escalating feud between the late Aaron Spelling's widow and her estranged daugher. The inside word is that, as TMZ first reported and as Candy's reps have denied, Tori's mom gave an upscale real estate company a "pocket listing" on the mansion and that her asking price was $150 million.

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Now, the buzz is that Candy (above, right) will quietly walk away with a boatload of cash, which will surely irk the soon-to-be cash-poor Tori. The 90210 star was all but disinherited by her father, as she recently discovered in papers Aaron Spelling signed four months before his death.

Tori reportedly will get less than $1 million -- a pittance compared to his vast half-billion-dollar estate. But hey, there's always porn.

Tori and Candy have been at war with each other for months, clawing it out in the tabloids and elsewhere.

Last Sunday, the pair were both present at last Sunday's Emmy Awards, but even the occasion of an emotional tribute to Aaron, the legendary TV producer, could not move the mother and daughter any closer to reconciliation.

Candy really has taken a proverbial deuce on Tori if you ask us. What a greedy psycho this woman must be. No matter how much you hate your daughter, wouldn't you give her $2-3 million out of that $130 just out of pity? Unreal.


I love Tori!! People think she is a spoiled brat that grew up in a huge mansion. She has gone thru alot of emotional stress as a child. She has a wonderful family now. She is happy and at ease in her life. Leave her alone !!!!


I just love Tori...I think she is great..great actress..loved her on the lifetime movies.


Dont be so quick to judge Candy Spelling maybe she and Toris dad didnt trust Dean. Maybe they were afraid he would use her for her money.


Have they taken Tori and Dean off air? I heard something about Tori one day that she was taken to the Hosiptal? was that true? The last time I seen the show she really did look so thin> thanks


Boy, you guys are interesting. How could you feel sorry for someone who "only gets a few hundred thousand." Apparently the fight was because Tori and Dean started an affair while they were married to other people. I don't understand how any of you could say they're making their own way. Spelling gave his daughter a career. She may be funny and likable and it IS sad that relationships are strained, but fighting over money... especially people who will never, ever know what it's like to not be able to buy groceries... is pretty ridiculous. I seriously doubt Spelling did any good with his money but how about feeling sorry for the orphans of war-torn countries who laugh in spite of seeing atrocities you'll never know, living on dirt floors, and going to bed hungry. We are such a moronic society. Ohhhh, poor Tori. You have an almost impossibly fortunate and perfect life. Waaaaaah.


Tori I feel so bad for you. We as people have no control over the type of parants we have! Remember we do have control that we are better parents than they are.You seem to be a very good mom.


Ithink Tori is a down to earth person ,what kind of mother treats her child the WAY Candy treats her daughter Tori .It makes herself(Candy) look greedy for money ,Candy should love Tori unconditionally ,LEARN TO FORGIVE AND FORGET both of you for the kids sake.


I think what her mother did was very uncalld for. I am probably the biggest fan of tori an dean. hang in their! u'll get what u an your kids deserve!


I don't why people attack her looks? so so shallow and childish. First of all she's not bad looking, rather cute actually..and if she was odd looking,e tc what does that have to do with anything? Besides mean hearts. I think it's sad her mother jerked her around like that. Candy's a self centered childish old lady. She needs to make up to her daughter and more so she doesn't end up, rich and alone.


I agree with this blog, etc. I think her mother was a jerk to do that. How could she be so mean to her only daughter? I also think Tori seems to have moved on(I watch her show : ) and believe she'll make it on her own it should be, but also, it also should be that she be included. I love my children, no matter what. I blame her mother; she's the "older and wiser one". Blessing to Tori and her family,
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