Tom Cruise's Crotch-Grabbing Wrestling Past

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In the 1999 film Magnolia, Tom Cruise's character, Frank T.J. Mackey, an author of a self-help guide for men, tells his audience that before any women will sleep with them, they must "respect the cock!"

Someone should have told Tom that back in high school.

Valkyrie Star

He's been a heart throb for decades, but according to sources, no one wanted to end up in the clutches of a young Tom Cruise (right) at Glen Ridge High School in New Jersey, where the future movie star was quite the competitive wrestler.

"Even then everybody knew who he was, but it wasn't because anyone thought he'd be a movie star," says a former competitor at rival Seton Hall Prep.

Cruise was particularly adept at a hold called the "High Crotch," which involves, well, an arm between the legs of one's opponent.

"The pain it caused was excruciating to say the least," the wrestler told Steppin' Out magazine.

A rep for Cruise, stunningly, declined comment on the story. On a similar note, no information is available on the subject of Tom's strange habit of pile-driving fiancee Katie Holmes, then smashing chairs over her head.


The high crotch doesn't involve hitting someone in the crotch. That's lazy reporting. It's merely a single leg attack where the offensive wrestler's arm goes between both legs (or "inside", in wrestling parlance) just above the knee. The finishes from there vary widely, but certainly don't involve racking someone's balls.


That was the most useless article about Tom Cruse I have ever read. That's a story! He hit a move called the high crotch. Someone is starving for news!!


I also went to Glen Ridge High, I remember Tom asking me what I was going to do after graduation, I told him my family and I were moving to Las Vegas, that was in 1982, I'm still in Vegas!


i love tom cruise he is hot


i love tom cruise his hot


Tom Cruise is God! Although his main love as a child was soccer he also was on the high school wrestling team. It's Greco-Roman Wrestling which is like Olympic Wrestling or as I like to call it "Kurt Angle Wrestling." Arnold Scwarzenegger appeared in the WWF in 1999 so I think it would of only of been fair to have seen Tom Cruise appear in NWA/WCW! Both Arnie and Tom have been on Charlie Rose; Arnie always tried to break the box office records with every movie and it was the same with Tom Cruise!


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