Someone Get This Woman a Mirror

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Apparently, she doesn't own one. First, little Sean Preston Federline was named the World's Worst Dressed Man by Esquire. Now, mother Britney Spears is frequently seen in public looking like she was dressed by a deaf, dumb and blind person. Or like she is a deaf, dumb and blind person. Forget it, that makes no sense.

This picture from People magazine really speaks for itself. Poor Sean P. has no idea how ridiculous he and his mother look. While T.H. Gossip would never go so far as to call Britney Spears ugly (as some hack rappers have), she certainly could use a fashion consultant at times. Otherwise, more and more people are going to be sticking their tongues out at her.

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i think they look lovely


I think everyone should start worrying about issues that really matter, rather than britney spears. People, including the media and everyone else need to lay off her. Honestly, she is a normal person with normal problems... some people go through bad periods and you should not judge them. I really like Britney Spears, and I think she is beautiful. Yeah, the media is portraying her as a bad mother.. maybe she needs help. Imagine having the intire country judging you and making fun of you on a daily basis. I think I would go insane... my messege to all you people... GET A LIFE I LOVE BRITNEY SPEARSS!!! your beautiful brit!!!




Ok, so she is a mom.. and pregnant in this picture. That is a beautiful materinity top she has on and couldn't look more stunning pregnant. I am really not a musical fan of britney spears, but seriously, as a mother I do feel for her. Whoever wrote this is probably a man, or a woman who has never experienced what real womanhood is like.


wtf kind of person sits around and makes fun of the way a mother and her child are dressed I think its a great picture and it shows that she is a good mom!!! Leave her alone!!!!




doesnt every mom do this stuff? sean preston was probably throwing a fit becuase he didnt want to go shopping with his mom any more and she was making him happy by sticking her tongue out. i do this with my son all the time, anything to make the kids happy.


i loove brittney spears . i hate wen people put her down . who gives a fuuck wat she wears ; shes an acual person she can do ,wear say wat she wants just like an ordinary person . personally i think she loooooks cuute in her outfit n its adorable wat shes doing with her son . soo yall can juust STFU . LOVE U BRITTNEY SPEARS


wow you guys are cool ?
why do you care about Britany Spears?
and im with Pauli.


well i luv's your opinion....but probably you are not body to say + sigo sin entender por ke la gente tan estupida como vos opinana y hablan de laguien que no les gusta, en verdad que perdedera de tiempo...get a life¡¡¡¡¡¡.....britney rocks....and she would come back to rock your world.....gente estupida, inmadura, que no tienen nada que hacer....guevones todos

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