Samaire Armstrong, Former OC and Entourage Star, Starts Fashion Line

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Forget about which celebrites have their own fashion line - it's easier to list those that do not.

Among the well-known that you can impress your friends with by sporting are Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, 50 Cent (it's a relatively affordable one), Eminem and Hilary Duff.

Kylie Jenner Fashion

Now you can add Samaire Armstrong to that list.

Wait ... who?

Armstrong briefly starred on The OC and Entourage. She also played a role in the abysmal Lindsay Lohan movie, Just My Luck.

Now the scarcely known actress is branching out to the world of fashion. Armstrong, who started designing by making Halloween costumes and prom dresses, has named her line Naru. It was originally only available at exclusive stores in Hawaii, but the line will soon expand to stores across the country.

Nara, huh? Sounds a bit like Nyla, the restaurant Britney Spears opened in NYC a couple years ago. And then quickly closed. Why do we foresee the same fate for Samaire's clothing line?


F you. So what if she isn't as hot as summer to your pathetic standards. I happened to go to parsons with Samaire and she has a kick ass fashion sense. As for all those other actresses that started clothing lines they have nothing on her, she actually designs the clothing and doesn't just liscense out her name for money. Theres something to be said about people that have the ability to do things that they want and that is Samaire. She does what she wants and can say that she atleast tried. I wish her the best


hellow 美人 la berdad es que me he sentido identificado con el personage de Seth Cohen "Adam Brody".ojala me ubiese tocado una chica como tu personaje, fliparia por colores.besos


姫 soi un chico de un pueblecillo que te azmira que sigas asi de bien skilyne besos


Ya I remember this girl from the OC. She was not nearly as hot as Summer unlike what some sites said. Seth u made the right move dude! This chick has an annoying ass lisp too!