Photo Finish: Jessica Simpson vs. Vanessa Minnillo

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Who's copying whom?

Considering the fact that Vanessa Minnillo got Jessica Simpson's sloppy seconds as far as men were concerned, it's safe to assume which hottie came up with the following outfit first:

  • V-Minn
  • Twitter Fiend

We think Jessica takes the beautiful cake. What do YOU think?

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haha jessica is smart? what the hell are you talking about? Classy?!?! hahahahahha Wow you must be an idiot for having her as a youre "mentor". She's dumb as f*@k and as classy as a cheap hooker. Oh i get it, you must be a stripper and/or hooker.



ma siete tutti dislessici su questo sito???
non ce nè uno che scriva più di 2 parole attaccate giuste...
per tutti voi ignoranti: più meglio non si può dire....
ma imparate a parlare prima di commentare su un sito...che vi sputtanate e basta....veramente...


take it from somone who knows them both, jessica cheated on him and joe simpson is a bigger bitch than both of them.


Vanessa will soon be an over the hill wet back while Jessica will be this thriving young beauty.
Jessica is very smart, business savvy and very classy. I feel Nick is just using Vanessa but his true love will always be Jess. Everybody wants them back together, but Jessica married too young, hopefully one day she will see the light.
Love you Jessica, you are my mentor for being a lady !! Dallas Texas Girl !!!


Jessica by far looks better.


la verdad yo digo que que mala onda de vanessa osea es ovio! que jessica es mucho mas bonita y lo unico que vanessa tiene es que una quita novios no esta tan fea pero eso no se le hace a una amiga ¿no creen?


Vanessa looks better. She looks more natural and carefree. Everything about Jessica just looks fake.


Jessica looks so much better in that then the other girl


both of them look like they rolled out of a sheet and made it into a dress