Photo Finish: Jessica Simpson vs. Vanessa Minnillo

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Who's copying whom?

Considering the fact that Vanessa Minnillo got Jessica Simpson's sloppy seconds as far as men were concerned, it's safe to assume which hottie came up with the following outfit first:

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We think Jessica takes the beautiful cake. What do YOU think?


TO ALL THE HATERS.... do not talk s&*% about Jessica, you do not know what really happened in the relationship maybe he cheated or maybe she cheated whatever happened is there business and no one could judge, but in reality think about it if she cheated on nick why was nick trying to get her back? a man that has been cheated on would have to much pride. Also, Jeassica is not all that in the head but she does have a good start and is a business woman. Let me ask you haters something? How much money are you making? don't talk S*&% about other people accomplishments and wealth.


I was a big fan of Jessica until she turned into a slut. I never really liked her voice but it was some of her songs that I liked. They were catchy. Jessica is pretty But to be honest, Vanessa is hotter, NO QUESTION. And she does look horrible without makeup...she's not naturally beautiful....Vanessa is.


JESSICA SIMPSON IS NOT HOT!!!!! Vanessa is BANGIN!! Nick Lachey would be a fool to leave Vanessa for Jessica which he won't do cause Jessica is a SLUUUUT!! Jessica should leave him alone cause she's not worthy of him. He's a great catch! And her family is nuts!! Her father really thought that slutty bikini music video she did was "christian" like???? yeah, I bet you thinking your daughter sleeping around is "christian" like too, huh?! stupid idiot. that's why your daughter is so dumb now....and the comment made by "B." I totally agree!!!


Nick Lachey found himself a gorgeous babe! She is so HOT! Jessica Simpson is alright, she's average, but Vanessa is beautiful, smart, sexy, and CLASSY! Nick Lachey is better off without her! He deserves someone who will love him and appreciate him. Jessica never appreciated him, she's a spoiled little sh*t whose a slut. She played herself by leaving Nick. She's a loser!


Jessica is very photogenic and hot but theres no more to her than that. looks can get old if they dont have the personality i would never get sick of looking at vannessa


Well all i can say is Jessica is a Beautiful girl , but Vanessa -Lordy-Lordy-Lordy Haven must a missing an Angel because Vanessa is here on Earth with us ...


jessica i think should call nick lachey because you loved him and he loved you to he needs to know that so tell him on the phone get thse message e-mail me back my is


jessica is a dumb blond idiot - big mouth and greedy with money... as a matter of fact she became famous cuz of N. Lachey...


Just you watch. To her core Jessica will never recover from her loss of Nick Lachey. The pain has not yet even begun. How sad. She could've had it all. She has set herself on a track of negativity for life.


Vanessa. I just lost respect for Jessica. A public affair? Yeah, she REaLLY loved Nick...

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