Photo Finish: Jessica Simpson vs. Vanessa Minnillo

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Who's copying whom?

Considering the fact that Vanessa Minnillo got Jessica Simpson's sloppy seconds as far as men were concerned, it's safe to assume which hottie came up with the following outfit first:

  • V-Minn
  • Twitter Fiend

We think Jessica takes the beautiful cake. What do YOU think?

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jessica will always look better than vanessa!!!


i am a big fan of jessica. i think she always look beautiful even w/o makeup.those who think shes ugly is so blind and dumb. can't you recognize the real beauty. i think even blind people will say that jessica look way better than vanessa that look more like a fat pig.


I prefer Vanessa's K-Mart look. hahaha I hear all the wanna-bes shop there hahahah




i'm from dallas, tx and I don't like jessica simpson. For the dumbass dallas girl....wetbacks are for vanessa and you'll know she's not dumbass! Classy??? You must not have seen the music video for the Dukes of Hazzard....and she's supposedly a minister's daughter...oh please!!! Smart my ass! Chicken of the sea or by the sea or whatever hoe...its still fish...dumbass!


Vanessa wishes she was as hot as Jessica. Vanessa will always be 2nd. Nothing hot about her fat face.


I thinks Jessica has the most flawless complexion without makeup on. I dont hate Vannessa but I do agree that the two are uncomparable. Jess is a completely diff pretty. And everybody always makes fun and talks trash about how shes "dumb" but its dumb of others to always believe what is shown or edited on TV to make her look like a dumb blonde. Besides, if shes so dumb how is she so famous and rich?