Pete Doherty Would Have Married Kate Moss Saturday, Had He Not Been Detained On Drug Charges

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Rocker/junkie Pete Doherty missed out on his own nuptials to supermodel Kate Moss on Saturday, as a result of being incarcerated.

Britain's Daily Express reports that Moss and 14 close friends, including her brother Nick, flew to a resort in Bali last week, causing widespread speculation the couple was planning to get married. But Doherty was stuck in London after a judge ruled that he must attend rehab in order to make bail for cocaine and heroin charges. Wonder if he watches Prison Break!

Pete Doherty And Kate Moss Photo

Doherty pled guilty to charges on Friday and will be confined to London's Priory Clinic each night until sentencing. Despite the efforts of Moss and her lawyers to find a loophole, the Babyshambles' lead singer won't be making it to Indonesia.

"She is in a terrible state. When she flew to Bali, she was ecstatic and told friends there was going to be a ceremony," a source said.

It's been quite the week for drug addicts. Okay, not really. Anyway, the loving Moss dumped Doherty last summer after a year and a half of dating, the couple reunited last month and have been dating ever since. The model has been sporting a fine diamond ring on her left ring finger for several weeks.

Lucky for Moss, the upstanding Mr. Doherty is now prepared if the two ever do end up exchanging vows. He already has something old (his drug habit), something new (more drug charges), something borrowed (an orange jumpsuit) and something blew (cocaine). Ohhh!

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