Paris Passes on Dallas Movie ... Sex for a Year ... and Tony Blair Recognition

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Here's the question, readers: How much do we believe Paris Hilton? She claims to hate skinny people, but she is skinny ... she claims she isn't an overused human condom, but she obviously is ...

Taking a Bow

And now? Paris says she was actually passed over the role of Lucy Ewing in the movie remake of Dallas. Eventually, the part went to Katie Cassidy, but Jessica Simpson appeared to be the only other actress in the running.

According to Hilton, she was a top choice for Lucy and found it difficult to turn down:

"I was a huge fan of the show and never missed it when I was a kid - more for the hair and fashions than the storylines," Paris piped.

"But the truth is the role is too demanding for me. I told them I need to make a few more smaller movies first, then take it from there."

Sounds just like Hilton, right? Not wanting to be in too bright of a spotlight?

But, wait, there are more Paris lies to be told ...

In a recent interview with British GQ, the hotel heir-head somehow kept a straight face as she said she doesn't sleep around.

"I've only done it with, like, a couple of boyfriends," she says.

"People think I sleep with everyone, but I'm not like that. I like kissing, but that's all I do. I'm not having sex for a year, I've decided. I'll kiss but nothing else."

Come on. Don't try to say there isn't a Lohan special or several dozen in the works for Stavros tonight.

Finally, the girl whose pants are completely on fire at this point, did express honesty when asked about British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

"Who's Tony Blair?" she asked. "Oh, yeah … he's like your president? I don't know what he looks like."

In her defense, Paris doesn't know who most guys look like unless she's on her back.

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i think she is so jealous of lindsey lohan. she must be every time you here form her she is diss'n her. you hardley ever here lohan do'in the same. she would be hot (paris) if it weren't for her personality. she loves herself so much there's no room for anyone else to even like her.