Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock Look ... Normal

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Wow. Apparently, Pamela Anderson knows how to wear a shirt.

And Kid Rock knows how to NOT wear a wife beater. This could be any couple heading out for coffee together, couldn't it? That almost makes the duo even scarier. They're like partying super heroes ...

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sooo she is hott but he is ugly omg sooo he beates his wife lol omg i love kid rock i am gay lol he has the hottest beer gut in the world lol i think i should call him ....... calll me kid:) lol hes so hott im a guy you know that wright luv u .... lol come to my house hah never u ugly man

Pamela Anderson Biography

Pamela Anderson: Damn Hot at 40 Pamela Anderson is an actress who at least knows her role in life: show off your large breasts and don't take anything too seriously. She... More »
Comox, British Columbia, Canada
Full Name
Pamela Denise Anderson

Pamela Anderson Quotes

I think she is a bitch and whore.

Pamela Anderson [on Jessica Simpson]

I just know I'm an exhibitionist. Some people are afraid to be found. I'm afraid not to be found.

Pamela Anderson
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