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Kevin Federline's rap career may never get off the ground, but at least Mr. Britney Spears is trying to expand his career horizons. K-Fed, who made his nationally televised rap debut performance last Sunday at the Teen Choice Awards, is now gearing up for his debut as a TV actor on America's top-rated drama, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


While on the set of the show, Federline told People about the suddenness of the offer, and his excitement over the project.

"This is pretty much my first time acting. It's the first time I've actually had a speaking role. I was doing stuff for the Teen Choice Awards and got the call while we were rehearsing and I pissed in my pants! I was excited right off the bat. It's the only show that I really, really watch," said K-Fed.

Fans of Federline and his wife may remember their last foray into broadcast TV, a reality show fittingly titled Britney & Kevin: Chaotic, which aired on UPN in 2005. But in order to take on CSI, Federline knows me must rely on his instincts.

"I just read the script. They told me they wanted it to be more of a natural thing that comes to me," he said.

Spears' spouse will reportedly play a threatening teen who badgers investigators Nick Stokes and Warrick Brown. We would have guessed more along the lines of struggling, hyper-fertile rapper, but that's just us.

Federline's acting had better be better than his rapping, otherwise CSI might be showing signs of jumping the shark. Seriously. Is there really an actor shortage bad enough that CBS has to dial up Kevin Federline?

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Apparently K-Fed is not the only one who gets to throw back a couple of drinks with the incredible Britney Spears -- travelers to Vegas can get drunk with Brit too!

Ok, maybe not with Britney Spears, the pop princess turned actress turned wife and mother turned trailer trash train wreck herself. But you can get absolutely annihilated on about 8-9 of the cocktails called The Britney Spears, offered by a popular Sin City hot spot.

Adam Carolla and Britney Spears

Clint Thoman, a bartender at TAO at Vegas' Venetian (the same place where Ron Jeremy porked K-Fed's mom), created the drink, which consists of Stoli Raspberry vodka, fresh raspberries, lemon wedges, sugar, sour mix and 7-Up.

Thoman tells Vegas' Celebrity Week that he got the idea to mix up the concoction because "Britney is a down home sort of girl from the south. I figured she could appreciate this."

Well, maybe once she cranks out Sean Preston's little brother or sister she can. Until then, she'll just have to wash down her Cheetos with Mountain Dew. Don't white trash people do that?

The Gossip is totally going to get housed on Britney Spears the next time we're in Vegas. Which may be never, until we can generate some more ad revenue. For now, we'll just have to settle for PBR cans and staring at our circa 1999 Brit poster. Ooga!

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Ok, ok, so Grey's Anatomy didn't win any Emmy Awards last night. We'll get over that shortly.

Helping us to do so would be how striking Katherine Heigl looked in her dress. She's certainly in the running for Best Dressed from the ceremony. Here she is, along with a pair of other hotties that looked dashing walking across the red carpet:

Mya Fashion Choice

Meanwhile, Heather Locklear was on hand to honor Aaron Spelling. If the former Melrose Place star was still smarting from the deception of ex-best friend, Denise Richards, she didn't show it here:

Finally, Jeremy Piven is allowed to be as silly as he wants now. The actor won the Emmy many believed he should have taken home a year ago for his role in Entourage:

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Emmy host, Conan O'Brien claimed ABC wasn't supporting its own show, Grey's Anatomy, by showcasing a major movie against the award program.

What about Emmy voters themselves, however? The hospital drama received no love at all, failing to garner a single victory. Here's a rundown of those who did have reasons to celebrate at the end of the day:

Steve Carell Photograph
  • Jack Bauer: People were probably afraid NOT to hand over a trophy to Kiefer Sutherland, lest they feel his character's wrath. Which is not to say that 24 didn't deserve to win Best Drama and the actor to finally be rewarded for his work as Best Lead Actor in a Drama.
  • Office workers: We were pulling for Scrubs, but have no real complaints with The Office taking home the award for Best Comedy. But Tony Shaloub over Steve Carell for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy? For shame.
  • Veteran favorites: Julia-Louis Dreyfuss broke free from the supposed Seinfeld curse by winning Best Lead Actress in a Comedy, while Law & Order: SVU fans must've been thrilled that Mariska Hargitay was finally called on stage for Best Lead Actress in a Drama.
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: The satirical newscast, earned two Emmys, for best variety, music or comedy and the writing award for that category.

Other winners included: Alan Alda for his supporting role in the last season of The West Wing; Megan Mullally, also honored for her performance in another show's closing season, Will & Grace; and Jeremy Piven for his hilarious work in Entourage.

We have no beef with any of those. But, seriously, nothing at all for Grey's Anatomy? A recount may be in order.

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As controversy swirls over the segreation of tribes on the upcoming Survivor, has at least helped gamblers trying to decipher between ethnicities.

Survivor Cook Islands Photo

If you plan on watching the CBS reality show this fall - and, of course, wager on it - here are the opening lines on which team will finish first:

The Asian Americans: 13/7
The Hispanics: 3/1
The African-American: 7/3
The Whites: 3/2

The odds, however, on host Jeff Probst and first-season winner, Richard Hatch, hooking up were not posted.

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Strangely enough, it's not the sort of fire that accompanies accusations of touching little boys.

Instead, Neverland Ranch - the well-known abode of Michael Jackson - was threatened by a wildfire Friday.

Picture of Michael Jackson

The blaze burned 40 acres on the ranch and came within a quarter of a mile of the main house. Somewhere, despite their foreclosure problems, Michael's parents were pleased they were far away.

One hundred firefighters battled the fire, with an assist from water-dropping choppers.

Jackson, of course, is disgusting and crazy. He's also been out of the country for months, setting up residence in Bahrain.

There was no word on the origin or cause of the fire - but Lindsay Lohan's crotch is being brought in for questioning.

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Heidi Klum has time worry about having more kids. For now, the super model is focused on this season's edition of Project Runway. The breathtaking jude talked about it with EW.

Heidi K.

"They're under a lot of pressure ... you can see week after week the bags under the eyes are getting darker and they're getting snippier," Klum said.Klum wouldn't know anything about that. It's not like her and Elle Macpherson are fighting over the use of a nickname.

While Klum and the designer Tim Gunn love seeing what happens when they're not around the Project Runway set, each truly wish to see at least one contestant make it big outside the realm of reality TV.

"I'm really looking forward to having one of our designers really have a breakthrough, that's really what I'm like praying for ... they have to use the opportunity and bring it to the next level ... we show the world who they are and now it's up to them," Klum added.

In the meantime, she'll continue to look beautiful and be charitable. Not a bad life.

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Yes, apparently a stripper can be defamed, okay? We're not sure what's next, perhaps Lauren Conrad filing a suit for being spoiled

Here's how this odd story went down: A woman named Stephanie Stephens has sued former Friends star, Matt LeBlanc, to statements the actor made to the National Enquirer in August of 2005 in an article titled "Matt LeBlanc: My Wild Night With a Stripper."

Matt LeBlanc Photo

Bet LeBlanc wishes he had taken the advice of pal Courtney Cox and sought therapy over opening up to the world's shadiest publication.

Anyway. The suit alleges that LeBlanc "did intentionally slander" and make "false statements" to the newspaper. In the article, LeBlanc says:

"The stripper was all over me ... I was drinking, and she was crossing the line ... pushing her breasts into me and grabbing my hands to go all over her body."

That's all. No mention of any names, no actions that many women who dance naked for guys don't take part in (we conferred with Lindsay Lohan to make sure). However, Stephens claims she was "never sexually aggressive" and "never engaged in any sexual touching."

Aside from, you know, the lap dance.

Stephens is seeking unspecified damages, despite the fact - which we bold for emphasis and add an exclamation point to - the stripper was never referred to by name in the article!

This incident may have led to LeBlanc's wife Melissa filing for divorce in March of 2006. Somewhere, Heather Mills feels sorry for the stripper.

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This is shocking.

The decision by CBS to segregate this year's tribes on Survivor according to their ethnicity is now going over well with, well, almost everyone.

Survivor Cook Islands Photo

The most vocal critics of the move so far are groups of New York City officials and civil rights advocates. They've blasted the announcement, claiming the producers' decision to pit blacks, whites, Asians and Hispanics against each other during the early rounds of the show would only promote divisiveness among competitors and viewers alike.

"This idea is so ill-conceived that it would be funny - but for the fact that racism does still sometimes rear its ugly head," city councilman John Liu said at a press conference Friday. "This show has the potential to set back our nation's race relations by 50 years."

How do you realy feel, Mr. Liu? Safe to say you won't be watching Survivor: Cook Island, huh? He stopped short of blaming Mel Gibson for everything, but did continue:

"No where else do we tolerate racial segregation and we certainly won't stand for it in this battle-of-the-races scheme to prop up sagging television ratings."

Ratings for Survivor, however, haven't really been sagging. Jeff Probst and company claim this decision was simply a response to criticism the show has received for lacking diversity.

So why not go in the opposite direction entirely, apparently?!? Let's rev up those racial engines. The move seems akin to telling Ashlee Simpson she's thin ... and watching her go on an all-McDonald's diet to get healthy.

Liu claimed the show's divisive premise would do nothing but promote the spread of negative stereotypes based on the actions of the different tribes, something that - just two days after the announcement - is already an issue.

After all, listen to Rush Limbaugh (please, we don't want to have to do it). On his radio show this week, the conservative host hid his feelings on the topic less well than Jon Stewart hides his disdain for President Bush on The Daily Show.

Hispanics, Limbaugh said, "have shown a remarkable ability to cross borders" and "will do things other people won't do." Asians, moreover, are "the best at espionage, keeping secrets." Blacks "lack buoyancy" and are "more likely to drown," while the white man's burden will weigh down the last team with "guilt over the fact that they run things."

It's incredibly easy hard to argue with any of those points. The racism excitement begins on Survivor: Cook Islands on September 14!

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We've seen the motivational words of Kate Bosworth, Lindsay Lohan et al., and found ourselves deeply touched by their wisdom. But these two ultra-thin vixens aren't the only celebs with inspiring stories from which our souls can derive strength.

While getting the pink slip from your movie company after pissing off the boss' wife doesn't make for a good week, you won't see any hangdog expressions on Tom Cruise. Oh no. Behold, Tom in all his glory, his relentless energy and indomitable shining through in spite of his obvious mental handicap. It's really quite moving.

Not His Best Look
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