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Heralding the start of an unusual entrepreneurial relationship, Tom Cruise and his producing partner have joined forces with a new investment partnership that will fund the duo's production endeavors for the next two years.

Tom Cruise Winning

According to the Washington Post, the announcement comes less than a week after Viacom Inc. and its Paramount Pictures unit revealed they had ended negotiations to renew the studio's 14-year deal with the insane actor. Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone fired the nutjob last week, stating bluntly that Cruise had committed "creative suicide."

Paula Wagner, Cruise's colleague and production partner in Cruise/Wagner Productions, quickly countered that C/W was not planning to renew anyway, and planned to seek other options, including a deal with hedge funds to provide about $100 million in financing.

Their new deal is with Daniel Snyder (the inept owner of the Washington Redskins), Dwight Schar (chairman of homebuilder NVR Inc.) and Mark Shapiro (President and CEO of Six Flags). Snyder, Schar and Shapiro have formed an investment partnership, First and Goal LLC.

The newly-founded corporation, which should be called Fourth and 17 LLC, in honor of the Redskins, will invest in C/W, providing the actor and his backers with development and overhead funds under a two-year deal with the option to renew long term.

"Dan Snyder and Mark Shapiro are proven winners. Paula and I look forward to many mutual successes," Cruise.

Once again, Cruise proves he's out to lunch. Proven winners? The Redskins suck! Wow, one winning season since 1999 after signing every free agent imaginable. Congratulations, Daniel Snyder. Apparently producing one winner every six movies is satisfactory for Cruise going forward. Hope he, his disheveled fiancee and fake daughter are happy.

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Foxy Brown looks to have made Busta Rhymes proud.

The busted one was recently arrested for assault - and now Foxy has pled guilty to charges she punched, kicked and bruised two employees at a nail salon.

Foxy Brown Mug Shot

The rapper, whose real name is Inga Marchand, received three years probation for the two counts of third degree assault. She also must attend anger management courses, aka "Learning to Suppress Your Inner Mel Gibson."

Moreover, the two victims received orders of protection, meaning Foxy can't go near them. If she has any questions about what this means, Brown can talk to Charlie Sheen regarding such a document.

For this Foxy lady, the incident occurred in 2004 in a Manhattan nail salon. Brown claims she went there for a manicure and a pedicure, but only got a pedicure. No, seriously. The nerve!

Tempers flared after the salon charged her for both services but Brown would only pay for the pedicure. At that point, Foxy, cellphone in hand, hit one of the victims in the face.

Aspiring rapper and fellow criminal, Lil Wayne, had no comment on the guilty plea. But we assume the non-big player would react similarly if charged for a non-existent manicure.

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If Paula Abdul were her own fashion judge, she'd tear up at how beautiful and moving she looked. Perhaps she'd even slap Simon Cowell for suggesting otherwise.

Unfortunately for anyone that had to see the female American Idol judge last night, the dress she chose to wear would never have made it to the finals of any competition.

Take a look for yourself:

Paula Abdul Flower Dress

Before you recoil in horror, however, remember: some people actually looked good at the Emmys. Go take a look at those traffic-stoppers now.

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Last night, Jeremy Piven won the Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy.

He has now also earned The Gossip's award for Best Line of Insult Hurled Against Billy Bush.

Jeremy Piven Smirk

During the red-carpet prelude to the Emmys, the Access Hollywood VJ corralled Piven questioned him about a slew of celebrity babies.

Because Piven had just flown in from Arizona, where he was shooting a movie with Jennifer Garner, Bush asked him about Garner's and Ben Affleck's baby, Violet.

From there, the kid questions flew. Seeing as the Entourage star lives in Malibu, Bush inquired about whether or not he had laid eyes on Brangelina's baby, Shiloh. Piven said he hadn't, explaining that he had: "116 other things to do ... I don't go hunting for celebrity babies, thank you, Billy."

Of course, this didn't deter the undeterable Bush. He continued to press the issue, asking Piven if he'd seen Suri Cruise. The soon-to-be Emmy winner lost his patience on that one.

"You need another job. You have potential as a human being ... This may not be right for you. Seriously - can you focus on other things?"

Well said, quasi Ari Gold. We'd encourage you to say the same thing to Lindsay Lohan ... but she has no potential as a human being.

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While Matthew Fox has enjoyed success on a little show called Lost, another Party of Five alum has resurfaced on a slightly less popular show.

Yes, Jennifer Love Hewitt has been back on the small screen for a couple years now. While the actress was skeptical about the talking to spirits when she started working on Ghost Whisperer, she's now a lot more open to the idea. This is especially true after one of the on-set psychics helped her get in touch with a deceased grandmother.

JLH Pictures

If only the same individual could help The O.C. get in touch with its entertaining side.

Ghost Whisperer, meanwhile, is based on real-life spirit guide (isn't that sort of like "plastic silverware?") James Van Praagh and medium Mary Ann Winkowski; the two are often around the set as advisers - or in this case, inspiration for the lead stars.

Love Hewitt said they helped her spead to the dead: "We had an evening with James where he did this thing and my grandmother came through ... She just wanted to say hello and tell me that she was looking out for me. It was really nice."

Sure it was. Everyone likes when relatives return from the dead and say hello.

Mel Gibson is just hoping the same soon happens to his career.

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K-Fed is getting ready for his acting debut, but he hasn't forgotten about rapping just yet, With the release of his debut album, Playing with Fire, due to hit stores in October, the deadbeat complete failure multi-talented Kevin Federline is already throwing CD release parties. Here are a few pictures from the most recent one, which we came across:

  • Distraught Britney Spears
  • Kevin Federline Fist Pump

The guy sure loves his Yankees... and wearing his hat cocked to the side like a f*%king retard. Meanwhile, K-Fed's loving and supportive wife, and the mother of one (soon to be two) of his three (soon to be four) kids, Britney Spears, has unloaded her Manhattan condo. She finally sold the dump after it languished on the market for more than two years -- since before her marriage to Federline and the birth of their son, Sean Preston.

The 4,400-square-foot apartment fetched $4 million, $1 million more than the pop princess paid for it four years ago, but $2 million less than her original asking price of $6 million. Still, not a bad return on investment there, Brit. See that, Kevin? That's how people make money. Investing in real estate. Not by trying to rap and looking like a complete jackass.

As recently as last May, the three bedroom, four-and-a-half bathroom, four-floor apartment -- which also has a media room, library and terrace -- had been priced at $4.55 million, Spears' real estate broker confirms. Keith Richards and hip hop mogul Russell Simmons are both prior owners. Sounds like the buyers got a bargain. Sort of.

Chris Toland of the Corcoran Group, who represented the buyers, said that his clients, whom he would not name, are from Los Angeles and are quote-unquote "not celebrities."

TRANSLATION: They're freaking losers!

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Tom Cruise was bashed (newsworthy, we know) last week in Australia, where he was named winner of the "Celebrity Ernie Award" for a supposedly sexist comment that award organizers claim he made. Only he didn't.

The comment in question, which was allegedly made when fiancée Katie Holmes was pregnant with their possibly-fake daughter, Suri Cruise (now between three and four months old if she is in fact alive):

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Photo

"I've got Katie tucked away so no one will get to us until my child is born," Cruise said (no, he didn't).

The quote was named "worst derogatory public statement" by nearly 400 of Australia's most powerful women who gathered in the New South Wales state parliament last week. But according to Cruise's rep, the actor, who was in the news last week after being fired by Paramount, did not utter those words or make any such remarks to that effect.

"The comments that they have attributed to him are completely fabricated," his representative said. "Anyone who knows him knows that he is a complete gentleman and would never ever say such a thing... He has the utmost respect for women."

Research shows that, indeed, Cruise never made such a statement.

"His mother, his sisters, Kate and his children are the most important things in the world to him. Women have always played a positive and important role in who he is," his rep added.

How nice that TomKat respects women. The Ernie Awards, now in their 14th year, were named after a trade union leader called Ernie whose union members included sheep shearers. He once said: "Women aren't welcome in the shearing sheds. They're only after the sex."

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Blonde hair everywhere was grateful that a pair of stars recently abandoned its look. First, Britney Spears abandoned her gold locks (but not her stupidity).

Next, Paris Hilton followed suit, figuring brown hair would make her look like less of a tramp. (Note to Paris: that maybe true, but no longer spreading your legs for every rich guy you meet would truly accomplish such a goal).

Cameron Diaz Photograph

Now, however, blonde hair may wish to file for an exemption. Bubbly, popular actress, Cameron Diaz, has also ditched her original color.

We're not huge fans of the darker look. What do you think?

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No Kristin Cavallari, no waves.

Fewer, anyway. Less rad, man. Way. What the hell are we talking about? Two weeks ago, the third-season premiere of MTV's Laguna Beach, introducing an all-new cast of Orange County, Calif., hotties, was observed by 2 million fans. That's a good amount, but down 38 percent from the reality show's Season 2, Kristin Cavallari-enhanced average.

Kristin After Rehearsal

At least the new cast has potential and room to grow.

Nowadays, the 19-year-old is trying to break into acting and modeling, while maintaining a constant tabloid presence. Her ex, Brody Jenner, meanwhile, is apparently getting busy with pal Nicole Richie. Numerous blogs are reporting that the two have moved from "friends" to "friends with benefits."

Does this mean that Nicole gets free meals out of the arrangement? Because we all know she doesn't eat. Ooooooga. As we reported last week, Nicole was Brody's date for his birthday party at the West Hollywood, Calif., club Privilege. Then again, both Brody's mom and Kristin attended, so he and Richie are clearly taking it slow, at least for now.

We think this is great. Nicole needs a positive, loving influence in her life, and Brody is a solid, sweet, sincere guy, one who will possibly feed her in the near future. Why he would downgrade from Kristin, we have no idea. But he seems like a decent dude and hopefully these two find drama. Er, happiness.

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Despite leaving the show on her own accord, Meredith Vieira isn't going quietly. She had a few harsh words for The View in a recent interview with Time magazine.

Referring to the ABC gabfest as "hard to watch," and that she got "blasé" about it after nine years, Vieira even said the current version "sort of became a joke" after she left.

Meredith Vieira, Matt Lauer

Wow. Meredith seems to have a higher impression of herself than Paris Hilton. Okay, sorry, that's not possible.

We can't wait to see what Barbara, Joy, Elisabeth and new panelist Rosie O'Donnell have to say about the comments when they return to the studio next week.

The new co-host of Today will be sitting next to hunk, Matt Lauer. She also said she hasn't watched her old show at all since she took off, except for the day after Star Jones announced she was "leaving." Even though the show has been garnering stellar ratings, Vieira says she thinks it's "very sad" what's happened to it.

"I'm proud of the work we did there, but it's not a good time in the history of the show," says Meredith. "It's hard to watch."

Vieira also complained about the hours of her new job, stating she's "not somebody who loves getting up at 4 in the morning." This, of course, makes her very different from the rest of the world.

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