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In case you thought that we were lying about Ron Jeremy hanging out with K-Fed and his clique in Vegas... here's a picture to prove it.

Ron Jeremy Side View

The Gossip would never tell a lie. Trust us. In any case, what more really needs to be said about the picture above? Not a whole lot. Except for the fact that Ron, being an adult film star, may very well have boned Kevin's mom.

Shifting gears, we have learned that the deadbeat spouse of Britney Spears -- despite never working a day in his life, and achieving fame only through mooching off his immensely hot, talented wife -- is already looking to add "actor" to his illustrous career resume.

In gearing up for his performance on the Teen Choice Awards on August 20, Federline told reporters that he would love to be in a movie.

"I've already been offered a couple of scripts. The most interesting one was a role as a drug dealer, starring Ben Affleck's brother (Casey). I was supposed to audition, but I got really sick and couldn't make it," he said.

"Sick," he says. Translation: Stoned.


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Forget being scary. The new movie, Pulse, promises to be beautiful. After all, Veronica Mars star, Kristen Bell, says she's the ugliest person in the film!

The actress, who ain't too shabby on the eyes herself, says she was initially intimidated by the model looks of co-stars Ian Somerhalder (formerly of Lost) and Christina Milian.

Ring Our Bell!

"Christina Milian is one of the most beautiful people I've seen up close ... I actually was angry when the producers first hired Ian. I was like no no no no. Throughout history, the girl has been the pretty one in the movie ... They were like, we'll ugly him down, we'll ugly him down. It didn't work."

Aside from smoking co-stars, Bell's latest film, which centers on the dead using the Internet as a means to take life from the living (naturally), heads into scary territory, something Bell was nervous about.

"I've never done a horror movie before and I'm always very, very wary of scary things ... Literally, if you were to jump out from behind a corner I would instantly be in tears ... I saw the preview for Leprechaun and I still have dreams about that guy."

We dream about that movie, too, Kirsten. But that may be more due to Jennifer Aniston that any frightening little green people.

Pulse makes its way into theaters August 11. And if Bell wants to truly be scared, she just has to glance at the Nick Nolte mug shot.

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Hilary Duff likes her image as a good, wholesome girl. But only to a point.

The starlet, in an interview with Elle magazine, sought to distance herself from claims that she's been too well behaved during a two-year relationship with boyfriend Joel Madden, 27, the frontman of the band Good Charlotte.

Duff, Hilary

"It's hard having a boyfriend who's older because people just assume. But [virginity] is definitely something I like about myself," Duff said.

But Hilary, whose mom described her as a "very chaste young woman" in the same article, denies she ever discussed her virtues since she's dated Madden.

"The thing is that I didn't say that. I wouldn't say that. I don't know how [the writer] got that out of what I said," said the 18-year-old singer and actress, who has totally confused the Gossip as to who said what, or what the hell she's even talking about.

According to Hilary, it's not something that she talks about or wants people to focus on. Nor is her sex life even appropriate to think about, dammit!

"Whose business is that?" she bristles.

During the interview, Duff was also quoted as revealing her deep thoughts on doing it, stating that her position doesn't mean she hasn't thought about sex, because everybody she knows has had it and like every teen, she wants to fit in. But when they talk about it, she says, it doesn't sound special, like she would imagine it to be.

Good for Hilary, sticking to her guns. Sorry, Joel. Looks like there will be no Duff in the buff for some time. Although Duff diving (if you will) may not count -- we'll have to get some clarification on that at a later time.

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Not only does Madonna appreciate a clean toilet seat, she also knows a worthy cause when she finds on.

The Material Girl recognizes that not everyone out there has access to materials. She's committed to helping orphans in Malawi, Africa, according to the new issue of Time magazine.

"Now that I have children and now that I have what I consider to be a better perspective on life, I have felt responsible for the children of the world," the singer, who has pledged to raise at least $3 million for Malawi programs, tells Time.

Madonna Helps Orphans

"I've been doing bits and bobs about it and I suppose I was looking for a big, big project I could sink my teeth into."

Bobs. That's one of those British words Madonna likes to use to sound foreign.

But this is all about how charitable Mads can be. The big project includes financing a $1 million documentary about the plight of the orphans, as well as a partnership with anti-poverty crusader Dr. Jeffrey Sachs on programs to improve the health, agriculture and economy of a Malawi village.

Sachs is the founder of the Millennium Villages project, which works to make villages self-sufficient through such simple tools as schools, seeds and clean drinking water. He has enlisted such celebrities as Bono and Angelina Jolie in his cause.

As part of her Raising Malawi project, which she cofounded with Kabbalah Center founder Michael Berg, Madonna has also met with Bill Clinton to see if they can work together to bring low-cost medicines to the area.

Her plan will kick into high gear next week, when ground will be broken on an orphan-care center in Malawi that will be able to feed and educate as many as 1,000 children a day.

Malawi, a southeast African nation of 12 million people, is plagued by AIDS and malaria and is home to about 1 million orphans. Madonna has yet to visit the country, but plans to go in October.

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The amazing Britney Spears and her gold-digging, dead-weight spouse plan to launch a new magazine, numerous online sources report.

Hottest Britney Spears Picture

Spears wants to publish "the real deal" about their lives and relate other celebrity news, too. Speaking to Steppin' Out magazine, Kevin Federline explained their idea for The Real Deal.

"It's not just us. Everybody has been lied about in the tabloids. Everybody has false truths and false images and false stuff perceived on them. Maybe not as much as me and my wife get. But everybody has it. I think a magazine like that, would attract all the stars. I think they would want to go to that magazine and tell the truth! I'm not kidding. This is something I want to do for real," Federline stated.

Sounds like a good plan, but the Gossip has come up with a few alternate names should the Federline family opt for something other than The Real Deal:

  • Spears Sun-Sentintel
  • Deadbeat Daily Dispatch
  • The Trailer Trash Times
  • Nymph & Narc News

Thoughts? Anyway, K-Fed, who recently traveled to Las Vegas for work (what an odd concept that must be for the freeloading jackass), was filming his "Lose Control" video in Sin City while wife Britney Spears hung out and his mom partied with Ron Jeremy. Seriously.

On Thursday night, Federline, Spears and their 10-month old son, poor Sean Preston, hit the restaurant Tao at the Venetian with a group of friends.

Federline, who will perform "Lose Control" at the Teen Choice Awards on August 20, stayed to celebrate after the video wrapped and Spears, who is pregnant again and expecting the couple's second child this fall, was there to support her deadbeat man.

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When was the last time Nick Nolte was in the news? Not recently, but he can thank Mel Gibson. Who probably hates him and wishes he would die a slow, painful death. But no matter. The reason for our latest Photo Finish segment? Both of these fine, upstanding citizens were busted for driving under the influence on the same stretch of California Highway 1, better known as the Pacific Coast Highway. Their respective mug shots appear below.

  • Mel Gibson mug shot
  • Nick Nolte mug shot

Good Lord, Nick! Strangely enough, Mel looks significantly happier to be there, yet it was he who threatened police and made a littany of inflammatory remarks about how much he hates Jews. This one's too close to call. Who wins top Malibu Mug Shot Honors in your opinion?

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As we discussed yesterday, everyone is chiming in about Mel Gibson. The latest individual being lovable Scrubs star Zach Braff, who claims in his official blog that he wants his money back from Bird On A Wire.

  • Mel Gibson Smirks
  • Zach Braff Pic

The 31-year old actor, who is Jewish, was probably less than thrilled about Gibson's anti-semetic tirade last Friday.

But, if it's any consolation, evidently Mel hates gays too, and probably a whole host of other ethnic groups we just don't know about yet.

Braff, whose blog also talks about his new myspace page and some of his musical interests, has reportedly been laying low since his difficult breakup with singer and actress Mandy Moore. He will be back on the set of Scrubs when the quirky sitcom kicks off its sixth year.

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Perhaps he drew that elaborate body tattoo himself.

Newly discovered book excerpts reveal that Wentworth Miller, the star of Prison Break, had an impressive artistic run as a 19-year old English literature student at Princeton.

(Yes, ladies, he's looks like that AND he's smart. Swoon away!)

Wentworth and his father (also named Wentworth) collaborated together on the drawings shownn below, hence the authorship of "TwoWents Associates."

The book "Sewickleyness" poked fun at the Sewickley neighborhood in Pennsylvania, as well as the haughty, rich, Sewickley-ites.

"Some people found the book to be hilarious, others weren't so enthused," said Miller, who said the project was rewarding to him because it let him spend quality time with his father.

Wentworth Miller Photo

Also, take note: Prison Break: Season One comes to DVD on August 8. It then returns with its second season premiere in less than three weeks - August 21.

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