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If John Mayer is actually dating Jessica Simpson, he can expect to be in the spotlight more than ever. With that in mind, we figure the invasion of this singer's privacy might as well begin!

What better place to start than in Mayer's dressing room? This is an artist's mecca, as proven by Madonna and her request for new, clean toilet seats every night.

Mayer in Concert

So, what does the man who considers the body of Jennifer Love Hewitt to be a wonderland have inside his private area? The Smoking Gun lists a few requests he makes for every show:

  • One loaf of organic rye bread
  • One copy of NY Times
  • Four soft head toothbrushes (yes, four)
  • One box of cereal, chosen from among Lucky Charms, Captain Crunch, Cookie Crisp, Count Chocula
  • Two tubes of original crazy glue

Ok, so the man likes organic food, staying current on the news, maintaining fresh breath and keeping in touch with his child's sweet tooth ... but crazy glue?!?

We don't even wanna know what Mayer plans on doing with that and Jessica Simpson.

Or do we ...

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Ahhhh .... Kelly Clarkson!

Don't expect to see Gwen Stefani at the MTV Video Music Awards tonight - but if she decides NOT to boycott the event at the last minute, you might hear her scream one of the famous 40-Year Old Virgin quotes, made known by Steve Carell.

  • The Original American Idol
  • Gwen Stefani Image

Why would Gavin's more beautiful half attend not attend the festivites? Reportedly, she's still angry by how she was treated last year.

"She had a ton of nominations and was under the impression she would be taking home at least one award," an insider said. "But every award, except that lame best-dressed award, went to Kelly Clarkson, and every time Kelly won, the camera went straight to Gwen. She felt set up."

The Gossip isn't one to get in the way of a good catfight, but we hope Stefani appreciated being named Best Dressed more than this quote makes it sound like. After all, that's something not even Paula Abdul could come close to.

While Stefani's rep declined comment, rumor also has it that Gwen thought she'd be closing the show. Who did that honor go to instead? Clarkson.

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When Haley Joel Osment was arrested for drunk driving earlier this month, it was an embarrassing affair for the child actor.

Or was it an opportinity for free head shots? As the mug shot of The Sixth Sense star proves, celebrities are posing more and more for police cameras these days:

Haley Joel Osment mug shot

Of course, Osment is missing the smugness of Mel Gibson after his arrest. And the outright fright of Nick Nolte following his capture.

But give the kid some time. He's young.

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It's coming.

In a matter of days, Rosie O'Donnell will make her first appearance as co-host on The View. A new set will accompany the woman formerly known as The Queen of Nice - as will a set of strict guidelines on what non-nice things must be stricken from her mouth.

Rosie O'Donnell Yellow

Rosie recently met with ABC's standards and practices and was reminded her to watch her language on the air. This shouldn't be a problem, unless someone brings up the departed Meredith Viera, who trashed her show on the way out the door.

Either way, O'Donnell will continue to write weird haikus on her website. Here's what she posted about the meeting: "they told me all the stuff i know/ still made me panic/ a little."

So profound.

Meanwhile, O'Donnell said she's spending time with her family during her remaining days of freedom before starting the show

"I am spending some time with my kids and just taking advantage of being with them," she said Tuesday night at Kanye West's private concert for American Express cardholders in New York City.

While Rosie admits to admiring West for sticking up for his beliefs, her well-known crush on another celebrity who seems to do the same thing has fallen away. Sorry, Tom Cruise.

In his place? Nip/Tuck star Julian McMahon.

"I fell in love with Julian McMahon while taping this show," she said. (She guest stars in an upcoming episode.) "I still love my old Tommy, but Julian is gorgeous â€" he's my new Tommy!"

Speaking of crushes, the first episode (Sept. 5) with O'Donnell should be interesting for all Jessica Simpson fans. Expect the singer to be asked about her new romance with John Mayer.

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We've seen this before. Stephen Colbert takes time away from his hit Comedy Central show, The Colbert Report, and tackles the real issues on everyone's mind.

A couple weeks ago, the political comedian put various awful people celebrities, such as Lindsay Lohan, "On Notice." Who has caught his judgmental eye this time around? Take a gander:

Stephen Colbert In Congress

It's hard to argue with most of these selections. Brody Jenner really does need to be careful, now that Kristin Cavallari claims she's over him. That's when they strike, dude!

As for a few othes on the list:

  • Be way, Chicago. Aside from the impending September swoon of the White Sox, Ashlee Simpson and her fake everything are coming to town.
  • For everyone else, there's no calming way to put this: life insurance scams could be coming to a policy near you! Watch your back, as well as your heart beat.
  • Halloween, meanwhile, may soon be overshadowed. The holiday needs to make back-up plans now that Kevin Federline has announced October 31 as the due date for his talentless spawn second baby with Britney.
  • Lastly, run and hide,, alligators across the world. Beyonce is coming - and she'll tape your mouth shut!

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With her second baby's birth two months and one day away, Britney Spears has registered online for thousands of dollars worth of gifts at Petit Tresor, a posh L.A. children's store with a celebrity following.

"It's not a fake, she's having a baby shower soon and has told friends that they can order gifts from the site," a source assured MSNBC's The Scoop.

Britney Spears Shopping In White

What's not a fake? The kid? No $h!t, Sherlock. The Gossip was pretty sure Brit was knocked up when we say the nude pics in Harper's Bazaar. Who do you think she is, Katie Holmes? No way Britney is with it enough to plot a faux celebrity baby birth.

The accessories and furniture on the pretty pregnant pop princess' posh registry strongly suggest that she is expecting a baby girl.

While the chandelier Spears plans to put in the poor little tike's room (no matter what deadbeat Kevin Federline says, Brit wears the pants in this house) features little airplanes, there exists a preponderance of pink and frilly ruffles among the merchandise. Then again, we've seen how well she dresses Sean Preston -- so there's really no telling what the f*%k is going on in Britney's mind at any time.

Shower guests had better be prepared to refinance their home loans. The aforementioned baby chandelier costs a whopping $1,200.

But don't hate.

"It's not like she's expecting her friends to buy everything for the baby. She's already spent, like, $30,000 at the store," the source says.

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What does a man do when his gorgeous ex-wife starts to score with a mellow dramatic singer/song-writer? He drives hard to the hole himself ... by purchasing a professional basketball team!

Yes, Nick Lachey has joined a bevy of B-listers in creating The Hollywood Fame, a franchise set to begin play in the American Basketball Association this season. Joining the former boy band crooner in the endeavor are:

  • Nick Lachey Black Shirt
  • ABA Hollywood Fame Photo
  • A.J. DiScala Photo
  • A.J. DiScala
  • Former Dancing with the Stars contestant and WWE Diva, Stacy Keibler
  • Awful quarterback, Kyle Boeller
  • Former MLB player and steroid abuser, Brady Anderson

Perhaps Lachey joined the group because he's probably the most famous name among ownership.

Player tryouts were held on Tuesday, with another round planned for September to fill any remaining spots on the squad. Colin Farrell showed up, but was turned away when he found out they didn't mean that kind of player.

"We're excited about the Hollywood Fame bringing highly skilled basketball players to the fans of Los Angeles. We are creating a unique family entertainment option at affordable prices," said DiScala, the former husband and manager of Sopranos actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Two points of interest:

  1. Sorry, Nick, but watching your own players on the court won't make you feel any better about the fact that John Mayer is now scoring with your ex, Jessica Simpson. In a slow, profound, acoustic sort of way.
  2. The Hollywood Fame? Really? We only would've asked for a few million in royalities to let you borrow The Hollywood Gossip. Think about it.

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There were no steel chairs or choke holds that could help Chris Jericho last night.

Chris Jericho Smiles Picture

The ex-WWE Champion was the first celebrity contestant eliminated from FOX's Celebrity Duets. Unlike the wrestling world, no script could save this star.

Jericho is the lead singer for Fozzy, but that hard rock experience didn't play much of a role on the show's premiere. He received a lukewarm response from the judges for his take on "Mendocino County Line," sung without feeling alongside country music star Lee Ann Womack.

Up next was "Signed, Sealed and Delivered," a duet with Peter Frampton. This tune drew a few props from the audience, but it just wasn't enough. Having been stuck with Carly Patterson as the final two celebrities, Jericho was then given the boot. But not the wrestling kind.

While it's early, Queer Eye Jai Rodriguez emerged as the judges' favorite. But that won't matter next week: fans take over the voting. And any chance Paris Hilton had of winning gets flushed down the toilet.

Just like the lunch of former best friend, Nicole Richie.

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Here's a fantasy thought: If what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ... does Paris Hilton ever have to leave?

in City can keep the pathetic excuse for a human being singer - especially after it bestowed an honor upon her yesterday. For some reason (i.e. alcohol), the Las Vegas mayor deemed August 29, 2006 as Paris Hilton Day. He then gave the spoiled brat keys to the city, as pigs flew overheard and Hell got a whole lot colder.

Paris Hilton Birthday Party Pic

Hilton proclaimed her love for Vegas saying it's her "favorite place in the world to come to party." And we know there are A LOT of locations from which she can choose.

Meanwhile, at least one group has the right idea about this man merry-go-round. "The OK Go Away Paris Hilton Apparatus" is a comedy/pop/death-metal group with a mission to permanently banish Paris from the spotlight.

The Gossip would like to give them a key to the Internet.

They're hoping to get enough attention that the lodging heiress herself acknowledges that her five years and 15 minutes of fame are up.

That should happen as soon as Laguna Beach dedicates an episode to helping the homeless.

Over 1,400 people apparently feel similarly to this band, at least - they've already listened to the song on

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That's right, Shakira. You don't have a monopoly on attractive, truth-telling body parts. Kristin Cavallari apparently wants people to stare at her chest (twist T.H. Gossip's arm) because she wants to get something off it.

The 19-year-old former Laguna Beach star is SO over her ex-boyfriend -- to the point where she's been out and about in L.A. sporting a t-shirt that reads: YOU CAN HAVE HIM.

Kristin Cavallari Hips

It's an obvious reference to Nicole Richie, who's apparently been hooking up with on-again, off-again Cavallari beau Brody Jenner.

"She has completely moved on, and that says it all," a pal of Kristin says. "She has had that shirt forever and finally had a reason to wear it."

Huh? Who just has clothes like that sitting around, we're not sure. Then again, who breaks up with Kristin Cavallari and then slums it with Nicole Richie? Not a lot makes sense here.

Despite a rumored awkward encounter between the two at Brody's 23rd birthday party last week, Kristin says there's no bad blood with the emaciated she-goblin.

"Kristin thinks Nicole is really nice and is friendly with her," says a source.

Jenner offered his own tongue-in-cheek take on the T-shirt's message.

"I'm guessing she's talking about her dog, Bentley, which she left at my house months ago," he said. "I'm happy to have him."

Rumors that Lindsay Lohan was spotted rocking a similar t-shirt, which reads I'M ALL EVERYONE'S, are already flying.

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