Meredith Vieira Takes Harsh View of Former Show

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Despite leaving the show on her own accord, Meredith Vieira isn't going quietly. She had a few harsh words for The View in a recent interview with Time magazine.

Referring to the ABC gabfest as "hard to watch," and that she got "blasé" about it after nine years, Vieira even said the current version "sort of became a joke" after she left.

Meredith Vieira, Matt Lauer

Wow. Meredith seems to have a higher impression of herself than Paris Hilton. Okay, sorry, that's not possible.

We can't wait to see what Barbara, Joy, Elisabeth and new panelist Rosie O'Donnell have to say about the comments when they return to the studio next week.

The new co-host of Today will be sitting next to hunk, Matt Lauer. She also said she hasn't watched her old show at all since she took off, except for the day after Star Jones announced she was "leaving." Even though the show has been garnering stellar ratings, Vieira says she thinks it's "very sad" what's happened to it.

"I'm proud of the work we did there, but it's not a good time in the history of the show," says Meredith. "It's hard to watch."

Vieira also complained about the hours of her new job, stating she's "not somebody who loves getting up at 4 in the morning." This, of course, makes her very different from the rest of the world.

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