Maggie Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard Prepare for Baby

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While brother Jake Gyllenhaal is buddying up with Lance Armstrong, Maggie is busy collecting the letter "a" with fiance, Peter Saarsgard.

The couple has also been busy getting busy, as Maggie's baby lump below can attest for:

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard

Is ugliness a prerequisite to make it in Hollywood? Maggie and Sandra Oh are the feminine equivalent to Marty Feldman and Ernest Borgnine.


Yes, she is rather unfortunate looking


God, what does he SEE in her? Maggie Gyllenhaal looks like she's 50, and she's just plain ugly. She should have NEVER been allowed to spawn, I hope that poor kid gets daddy's looks because mommy looks like a troll..a wrinkly, ugly, grungy troll with terrible hair. Ew. Can you imagine having sex with that ugly thing? I bet her cooch smells like spoiled milk and tunafish. Blech.

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