Lindsay Lohan Not on Justin Timberlake Guest List

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The reasons why Lindsay Lohan was reportedly left off the guest list of a Justin Timberlake concert are confounding.

Awake at Ivy

The Gossip can only take wild guesses as to why her Lohan-ness didn't garner an invite to a JT gig in Los Angeles last weekend. Here are a few:

  • Lindsay actually did receive one ... but thought it was a Paris Hilton prank.
  • She sucks a lot.
  • It was a stalker-free show.
  • She's an awful human being.
  • Timberlake hates - and we mean HATES - firecrotches.

A JT source did make the reasoning fairly apparent, however:

"The last thing his label wanted was Lindsay getting hammered and making a spectacle of herself, taking attention away from Justin and his new album."

Oh. That also makes a lot of sense.


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omg im tottally obsessed with lids and how dare paris pull such a prank on her!
i love u linds!


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escribes muy mal es español! no entiendo casi lo que escribes! te agradeceria que escribieras mejor para asi poder entender mejor lo que estas escribiendo! me encanta justin y quiero saber de èl, pero con su mala escritura no puedo saber nada! gracias

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