Lil Wayne Arrested For a Lil Weed, Prescription Drugs

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Rapper Lil Wayne was arrested Monday in Atlanta on charges of possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance, according to a copy of his arrest report obtained by MTV.

Ahhhhhhhm Baaaaaaaack

Police claim the rapper was in possession of Alprazolam (a generic form of Xanax), which is used to treat anxiety disorders and panic attacks, as well as 59 pills of hydrocodone, along with "two small burnt joints of marijuana," the report read.

Yo, that combination will totally f*%k you up!

The 23-year-old, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter (get it -- that's where he gets "Wayne" from) was released from Georgia's Fulton County Jail on $11,000 bond following his arrest.

According to his arrest report, the rapper was staying at the Twelve Hotel in Atlanta's Atlantic Station when a hotel employee entered Carter's room to inspect a problem with the room's security systems. The employee said he noticed a gallon-size bag of what he believed to be marijuana; he also told police he smelled what appeared to be a "heavy odor of marijuana."

This guy and Pete Doherty should really hang out!

The hotel's manager was summoned to the room and also claimed he smelled the chron. Carter told both men to vacate his room, shut the door and fastened the security latch. Police were called shortly after, and the rest is history. Or something.
Officers entered Carter's room and began to search it, as the arrest report said Wayne gave his consent for them to enter. Inside a small duffel bag, police found the prescription pills. The marijuana joints were uncovered in the room's garbage can, and a small amount of marijuana was discovered in the room's refrigerator.

SIDE NOTE: Why is "Lil" such a common and apparently cool thing these days? There's Lil Jon, Lil Bow Wow, Lil Flip, Lil Luke D (a friend of T.H. Gossip). We just don't get it.

Anyway, Wayne/Carter, who hails from New Orleans, has released five albums over the course of his career. His most recent LP, 2005's Tha Carter II, debuted at #2 on Billboard's album sales chart and has since racked up more than 1 million in sales. Here's hoping he can beat the rap and keeps cranking out the hits!

Free Lil Wayne!

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i think lil wayne should not got arrested the only reason why they did arrest him cuz he was black in rich like me


lil wayne, on dat real stuff is foolin and i used to love dat one, but i have dont luv, nor RESPECT for dat one and plus he got a daughter and doing these drugs, i mean come on


why is lil wayne being so got dang bad he need to go back to jail for what he did to that little girl she was only three and he rapped her send him back to jail now our im going to tell the poilce


call me at 9032526359 to see how i fill about this.


that kaylie is just stupid and that is who needs some damm respect k k k (k)


this is stupid and he should not be even be in jail my idea is that this is all messed up like really hes tite all yall rite on this thing @for real@


lil wayne bee da sexiset dude alive...ya digg!!!


Lil Wayne, You are Awesome!I'm one o you biggest fans


Man, lil wayne neeeds some damn respect! People shouldnt just go bargin' in your room like that! How you even know if it was the bad marajuana? Marajuana is googd for your health!


damnnnn pill man lol