Justin Timberlake Lays into Taylor Hicks, American Idol

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Say this about Justin Timberlake: he isn't afraid to share his opinion. First, Cameron Diaz's other half talked about ex-girlfriend, Britney Spears.

Now? The former boy band member has a few choice words for American Idol and its latest victor, Taylor Hicks.

The Jizzle Tizzle
Taylor Hicks Half Cocked

"I have a strange relationship with [American Idol]," Timberlake says. "I despise it, and yet I'm completely fascinated. The guy who won-people think he looks so normal, and he's so sweet, and he's so earnest, but he can't carry a tune in a bucket.

Do you realize how much pressure it is to put on somebody all of a sudden? If he has any skeletons whatsoever; if, God forbid, he's gay, and all these people in Mississippi who voted for him are like 'Oh, my God, I voted for a queer!' It's just too much pressure. But that's what we do in America. The American dream is still to be young, rich, and famous."

Ummm ... what?!? Isn't this the same guy who supposedly offered support to Lance Bass and his homosexuality? Some P.R. dude sure isn't watching JT's sexy back.


come on Justine, come on people, we need to start minding our own business. quit acting like 5 year olds. Respect eachother and please have some manners for God sack.


justin timberlake needs to keep his opinions to himself. britney chated on him wid more den 1 man SHAMMEE!!! by nikki April 13th, 2007 at 2:09 pm Looks like someone needs some hooked on phonics...


How old is this article and why bring it out now? Let me guess.


hm...hot...sexy..sweet...sugar babe...kis:*:*


justin timberlake needs to keep his opinions to himself. britney chated on him wid more den 1 man SHAMMEE!!!


Taylor Hicks sucks camels balls.....freaking white haired retard....


Gee, Justin's so wrong. Taylor is the best, he can sing, and he has a great personality. And I doubt he's gay.


Hello..Justin Timberlake es el mejor y kn l cancion SeXyBack esta triunfando..mirad si triunfa q en el campeonato estatal de hip-hop k se celebrara en BCN en mayo d 2007 a sido una d las anciones escojidas komo baile por parte d mi grupo..y estamos muy orgullosas de bailar una cancion komo es SeXyBack pork se ajusta al prototipo d algo nuevo y ademas nos encanta Justin..bueno dicho esto m despido kisses Bye (K)


helloo!!im of spain and i like so much justin timberlake and i think he was another form but i dont ker cada persona es komo es y si no os gusta lo k dice os jodeis y os aguantais


All of you who want to dismiss Taylor Hicks as a flash in the pan need to give this a listen: http://www.gofish.com/userVide... THIS is Taylor Hicks. He wrote and recorded this song about 10 years ago. He was just a kid. Read the lyrics as he sings them. I find them hauntingly beautiful and sad. Very soulful. American Idol is keeping him from performing his own works at events that they sponsor. Their huge loss. Taylor financed this recording himself, so the budget wasn't big. Therefore, the sound suffers in places. But the raw talent is obvious. Give this man a chance. He's all about the music.....and the music is awesome.

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