Hilary Duff Pitches in For Katrina Relief

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As the nation marks the one-year anniversary of the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, everyone from politicians to reporters is talking about New Orleans. Lots of people say we ought to help the Crescent City, but one celeb is walking the walk and talking the talk. Hilary Duff.

The Duffmeister has worked with USA Harvest -- the organization that helps service over 5,400 agencies nationally and has come up with 11.6 billion pounds of food to help those deserving organizations -- for more than two years now.

Hilary Duff Serves Food

In the past year, Hilary herself has donated more than 2.5 million meals to hurricane victims in the south through the "food-raising," fundraising organization.

For Hilary, always the anti-diva, lending her name and shining a light on a noble cause is the very least she can do.

"When you are a celebrity, and you have a voice that people pay attention to or a name that people watch and read about, it's the perfect opportunity to spread the word and get people motivated and to remember to help other people and give back," she said.

See this, Ashlee Simpson? Hilary is showing that a singer can not only be talented and down to earth, but can contribute something to this planet as well. She doesn't even put out! Kudos.


iz it true that miss h duff is going to be a porn star


i love this website.. especially the hilary duff section~


u serious onya?
hialry is like ONE of the hollywood chicks that is still down to earth most celebs think giving a cheque will give them abigger name but not only does this girl go and help, but she was also one of the first chicks to donate money to katrina when it happened!


Hilary eres una cantante maravillosa te siguo desde que tengo memoria para mi eres la mejor del mundo y espero que algun dia visites el ecuador y nos des el placer de escucharte cantar porque aqui tienes millones deadmiradores pero yo soy tu mejor admirador al menos aqui en el ecuador, daria la vida por ti y te deseo mucha felicidad y que siguas cresiendo en tu carrera profecional y espero que sigas el camino correcto y te deñes como algunas otras canantes EN RESUMEN: I love you Hilary Duff


wow. Hillary? i didnt think she had it in her. Her kind a.ka. 99% of celebrities, are usually evil, bitchy, self-centered, self absorbed, and stingy with anything that doesnt shine a glamourous attention on them.


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