Fur Fervor to Alligator Abuse: Beyonce Angers Animal Lovers

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Beyoncé hates animals. We're not sure what other conclusion to draw.


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    your foxy baby


    shes a skank and her attitude stinks. some of the worlds most beautiful ppl are ugly.

    BTW it is ABUSE... I'M sure if an alligator tied her fat mouth and took pictures with her she would be disturbed. Poor alligator and stupid skank i hope she dies.


    Beyonce, people that kill the animals so you can wear the fur, I feel like that its hurtful and it makes the Lord and I feel sad. I am mad at the same time SO STOP WEARING ANIMAL FUR!


    My Grandaughters 7,8,9 love her music, they giggle and dance, it's so cute. But, they also love animals...., and will be very disappointed. Beyonce, (she'll never read this) Life has been good to you, you have worked hard, but life is not always good to animals, they are stolen from their Mothers, and placed in cages. They are killed and tortured because someone wants to wear their fur, or wants their ivory, or their heart, whatever..., Oh, and we can't forget the endless surgeries and biopsies, the experiments, or the pain and suffering they are forced to endure until they die or are killed. Or the birds the scientists made deaf, so they could find out if the deaf bird would sing.....


    Just an alligator?
    That seems a real cause to me.


    you could say to the person translating into french that he should go back to school


    au rédateur de cet article: deja avant de realiser un article tu devrais apprendre à écrire le français correctement meme mon neveu de trois ans écrit mieux que toi... si toi veux moi bien vouloir aider toi tenvoyer dictionnaire pour aider toi

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